A fair of my own

I always do this. I find a guy. I find him not very interesting, then I am attracted to him. Then I totally fall for him. Then I am heartbroken about him, even though I *know* in my heart that he is not the right man!

And then cry over the fact that I miss him, that so many things remind me of him, and poof I am in Heartbreak Hotel, baby!

I am such an idiot.

I am always attracted to the wrong men. I know I deserve a suave, sexy man with an IQ of 200 plus, *with* an audi. Instead I end up with a North Indian guy who loves watching movies 24/7 and thinks he is God’s gift to mankind! (Noy I miss you da! šŸ˜¦ )

See Noy is my best friend..and No I am not attracted to him. He is just..the best. One of those great friends in my life who really care for me šŸ™‚ Don’t ever stop being my friend, babes *hug*

I am just scared I’ll end up like Becky in Vanity Fair.

That’s it. No more dates. No more men in my life. All men in my life except my brothers and best friends are out.

If one more relationship fails, I just might shoot myself.


~ by tia on March 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “A fair of my own”

  1. “Falling in love with the wrong one”
    “Running away from the strong ones”
    “Living my life like I got something better to do”

    “Looking to find new real love”
    “Out every night trying to steal love”
    “Chasing myself like a twentieth century fool”

    -Twentieth Century Fool by Kenny Rogers.
    I LOVE this song but its impossible to find. I have a very old tape that belongs to my dad. I haven’t seen this song anywhere else.

  2. *Guns
    Hmm I have heard it once. I am sure you’d get the CD in Music World or Planet M. But online..you would really have to search.

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