Falling with the Angels

I am becoming depressed. I just realized. Of course Shenoy would like to say that I don’t need a reason to feel bad, yet I am gonna indulge.

I just don’t wanna leave the room. I’ve become like the Bathroom lady, except I am sitting in my room. My friend had asked me to come out (as in out somewhere) I didn’t. There was a short story competition I was supposed to enter and go to. I didn’t.

And to top that I read about Ashley.

I keep wondering, yeah she won’t have to experience menstrual cramps, yeah it will be easier to look after her, yeah she has the mental age of a kid, and it will be easier to handle the metal braces…but what if she, seeing siblings growing up and having families of their own, wanted the same? especially since she has the mental age of a child.. She will not be able to rationalize the fact that she cannot have one, but would want to have one. I am sure she wouldn’t even know whom to blame because such mental processes probably she can’t handle, but her desires would be the same.

Reminds me of the MR girl in our building. She is not profoundly MR as Ashley is, nonetheless…

Same kids are God’s angels…


~ by tia on March 21, 2008.

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