“My chair, my throne”, said Goldilocks

*Every* morning…every morning!

Every morning I feel like Goldilocks searching for her chair. And considering I am the first in office in my workstation I have 8 chairs to try.

It is comical actually, because I go, pull the neatly arranged chairs, sit on them (like I was buying one) and if my ass is happy I choose that chair.

I have actually given up on finding “my” chair. I just take a chair and customize the height. Crank it till it reaches “Nosebleed” height.

Someday, if we are lucky, we will meet again. And I shall tell him how happy he made me and how much I missed him.

Oh FYI, I think I am crazy about high chairs (not Bar stools, mind you) because it compensates for the deficiency (of height) in me. Feel like the Princess I am I believe….


~ by tia on March 19, 2008.

One Response to ““My chair, my throne”, said Goldilocks”

  1. hahaha..m visualising the scene…ROFFFFFL…!! playing musical chairs in the morning keeps stress away !! 🙂

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