Good Morning???I don’t think so…

I am *actually* scared of this day. It is an absolutely irrational fear. The Unknown scares me. Considering I am a control freak, If I can’t control something, I freak!

This day has started weird. I can’t find my chair. No I haven’t been given the pick slip. Though I am expecting it sometime soon.

See my chair has been set to a certain height. And If the chair is not of that height I know it’s not mine. I’d go nuts If I don’t sit on “my” chair. And then I slammed my hand into the space between the chair and the table (workspace), ouch!

To top all this, I have so much work to do! Work which would be done in minutes if I were a pro. But I need more than mere minutes because I am not one….

I have a horrible feeling about this day… 😦


~ by tia on March 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “Good Morning???I don’t think so…”

  1. Ha Ha.. Come on take it easy. Yup I knw, missing ur chair in office is a terrible feeling. Hope u find it out. Else gv an ad in inhouse magazine.

  2. i waste a huge lot of time adjusting the height of chair i find in the morning everyday

    chair height is as much a matter of taste

  3. hope ur day is gud and ur fears were without reasons…and may ur slip be always white or black…pink is plain tacky

  4. *Cm Chap
    I didn’t find it! 😦

    Hmm yeah..if it’s not the right height i feel odd..

    Actually it was a fear with a reason…which came true…Tys pray for me I am taking a bold step…

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