Okay so I indulged. I am not used to it. Today I set out in hanger..I mean anger *chuckle* (you’ll understand that joke once you finish reading this post..!)

I left home to have lunch outside. Landed up at CCD alone! See I stepped into CCD cos that’s the first place I saw. I was too hungry to care.

After that, I went to Shopper’s stop for shopping and normally I do that with my mum, because she prevents me from going berserk. But today I went alone and sepnt 7 and half grand in 3 hours! I feel so guilty 😦

This is what I bought:

Valentino’s Absolu perfume..eau de cologne actually.

Amazing. It’s so different. I am okay with floral scents but I prefer fruity ones because there are better and rare combinations of fruity ones than floral ones. I liked a perfume called Orchid by Lakme, which was launched in the 90’s. Sadly, It isn’t available anymore.


I bought this for myself. I knew its a men’s perfume. I asked the salesman at Shopper’s stop like a million times and he says its a unisex perfume. I feel like strangling him. It’s a men’s perfume! I am giving it to my brother.But E-bay and Msn say its a unisex perfume…I am confused 😦

I do like the scent…


I bought three pairs. 2 with 2 inch heels and one totally flat for daily wear. Love em! One is from Lemon and the other two from Soles.


Next I went to Westside, and bought nice tops. One says – “Marriages are made in heaven…so is thunder and lightning!”


I bought a pair of sunglasses. They are by Scott. Apparently it’s a sub-brand of Calvin Klein. Lord knows whether it’s true.. and anyway it is a disaster because I look like a bee. It’s too big for my face! 😦

*giggle* Now I can stand in front of my guy friends and say: “the Queen Bee is here!” *laughs*

Now I feel guilty cos:

1. I could have spent all that money for something else.

2. There are so many poor people and I go and splurge (don’t laugh)

3. I haven’t worked except for an hour today!

😦 😦 😦


~ by tia on March 16, 2008.

9 Responses to “Guilty!”

  1. Dont u ever feel guilty for being happy…


  2. *Tys
    I know…but i feel totally horrible…but I love what I picked up..that’s it from next month it’s back to middle class living…

  3. Not bad. 41 bucks a minute is one heck of a spending rate.

  4. i am so happy for u..*wink wink* should indulge urself in such shopping sprees frequently…don’t think about the world..there are others who will take care of the ‘poor n downtrodden’..

  5. *Vinay
    Vinay!!!!Not helping!

    I knoooowwww…but stilllll 😦 😦

  6. I havnt yet understood this concept of different perfumes for guys and girls.. Are those that different ? For that matter I rarely use any πŸ™‚

  7. Eau De Cologne or Eau De Toilette is “meant for” men and “Eau De Parfum” is meant for women. “After Shave” is obviously SPECIFICALLY for men.

    If you like it, wear it. Who really knows whether its a men’s perfume or a ladies when they smell it? The only hitch though is that apparently some manufacturers add artificially synthesised hormones specific to males/females in perfumes. This of course is just a rumour.


  8. *Guns
    That is a common misconception. Eau De Cologne is Unisex. But Eau de toilette is for men.

  9. That’s the reason for the double quotes next to “meant for” da.

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