Yeh ishq haiye!

Know what the problem with this world is? Too many anshumans and too few adis. okay I know what you are thinking – What is she saying??Β  (Clue: Think Jab We Met)

I mean look at my dating history. ALL the men I have dated have tried to change me. They have thought I am too childish. I believe somebody’s comment was – you are too childish (or kiddy) for me!*chuckle* And that’s Anshuman for you.

I have *never* met an Adi kinda guy who has said – you are perfect the way you are. Just be yourself.

I want someone who can take my childishness, my insecurities, my fears, my mood swings – the sudden depression when i need your shoulders to cry and the sudden happiness when I am laughing and giggling and naughty. And only a person can handle this need leave a comment for this post (thus expecting a zero comment for this post!).


~ by tia on March 9, 2008.

16 Responses to “Yeh ishq haiye!”

  1. hang in there…dont let anyone make u think that u r somehow not gud enough…

    thts ur brother’s job πŸ™‚

    btw, i did read ur last para…but decided to comment eventhough iam not that person..tht chap is probably just arnd the corner….

  2. *tys
    *chuckle* thanx! And my bro does his job very well!
    Haha what if that chap is around the corner and he misses the turn he is supposed to take??lol…

  3. okay, im not a guy and I dont swing the wrong way – I just felt the need to comment; and to say that I hope you get that perfect person ; cos you are perfect πŸ™‚

  4. *Arpz
    aaaaw…I don’t swing the wrong way either, but that just made my day πŸ™‚

  5. u might get someone to do this for a short time……….but for a life time I am not sure anyone cud b so consistent specially in the kind of stressful life we all lead and everything including people keep changing πŸ™‚

  6. *Veena
    Hmm I know. The practical side of me is aware of that..but there are no limits to wishful thinking… πŸ™‚
    People tend to be patient with each other only when they don’t have to see each other often and when they are in love!

  7. Hmm…

    (That’s a comment, ain’t it?)

  8. *Guns
    Hmmm.. (quite a comment!)

  9. I thought you were intelligent. Samajhdaar ko ishaara hii qaafi hota hai. πŸ™‚

    Come to the UK, I’ll ask you out to coffee (and pay the bill too).


  10. *Guns
    Mein thodi mind reader hoon??
    Ha ha ha…how do I get to UK? Aap magic carpet bej dijiye, main aaongi hee hee…

  11. Main thodi Alladin hoon??

    Flight mein ticket book karneka aur aake tapakneka.
    I can give you a good website where you can search for the best deal on tickets –


  12. *Guns
    Ha ha ha…Why don’t you just give me your credit card no??:P Main aati visa letter bhi!

  13. (Please read in Hyderabadi style) Visa letter kii zaroorat nahi na jii. Aapko aiseich aane detein ye logaan. Tumey apply toh kar koo dekko naa. Haan, aur credit-cardaa kyun chaahiye? Tumaare daftar mein paise nain detein kya tumey? Boss ko do kanpati ke neeche chapet deneka toh barobbar pagaar detein dekko.

  14. *Guns
    You do realize I totally did not get the last sentence – boss ke barein mein. And I am hoping it’s not what I think it is or you’d get a stinker mail from me πŸ˜›
    Haan ji daftar pe paise detein hain, par aise trip lene ke liye nahi hamri jeevan beetane ke liye
    Aur haan haan mein aise jaon, forein hamri ko visa denge na, bina kaaran…

  15. Last sentence translated in imperfect grammar= “You should give your boss one (slap) under the ear so he would then give you proper salary”

    Why would you send me a stinker email for this? Do you really love your boss that much? Gee, sorry. I didn’t know.

  16. *Guns
    Well I read the sentence as something else, that’s why. My boss is cool, but I would describe it more of a love-hate relationship *laughs*. But she is cool πŸ™‚

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