Kitchen Queen?

I am the worst thing to happen to a Kitchen. I can’t cook nor can I use any household appliance.
Mama says that would change after marriage…fat chance! I see myself jumping onto a pulsar (or a shorter cruiser) or into a Santro and driving off, batting my eyelids while telling my husband – honey could you please keep the dinner ready?? Which reminds me, maybe I could gift my husband a cookery class when I get married.

But I digress. See when we decided to move into the new house we decided to sell the old cooking range (which was brought from Dubai when the earth had ape like homo sapiens walking it.), the old OTG and the microwave. We finally bought a bloody industrial strength LG microwave (with comvection) to replace the old one, because mama loves baking and grilling (which explains why she knows more about my love life than even I do).

So today I decided to heat the palak curry and set it for 3 mins. I could hear the thing humming (which is quite freaky in the night) and after 2 and half mins I find the curry boiling. I burnt a bowl of curry! You’d think it’s the simplest thing you could gave any liberated single woman to do and expect it to not come back to you burnt…well, think again!


~ by tia on March 8, 2008.

6 Responses to “Kitchen Queen?”

  1. hahaha ROFL…try putting an egg next time…and time it for 5 minutes..[:D]

  2. *ancientmariner
    I am scared to ask what would happen…!maybe i should try an aerosol huh??lol

  3. Maybe you should start with heating water and then graduate to more complicated things like palak curry etc.

    Actually, once while traveling, I had to use a microwave that would take ages to heat stuff. I had a ton of frozen food with me that had to be microwave’d for at least 12-15 mins !!

  4. *Vinay
    Ha ha ha you sound like one of those typical indians who carry frozen veg indian food!

  5. I didn’t carry them. Frozen indian food was the best thing available in the office kitchen. The microwave, though, was the second best.

  6. *Vinay
    They even provide you with frozen food in your office (abroad)??Nice…most big companies just expect you to find your own Indian restaurant…

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