Got Jacked ya..

It’s so funny how you outgrow your pre-teen language. I mean, I remember using words like – Jacked, fingered, and even an Indian local word – Kadde (which meant you were being made fun of because of your mistake – not a pleasant thing actually.)

I was just thinking of that this morning and laughing. It’s so geeky! I can’t believe I used geeky language in school. I can’t believe I said: Got jacked eh? Or saying – He fingered you (which I now realize has many other adult connotations *shudder*) or even screaming ‘Kadde’ in delight..God lord, what did that even mean??

I remember studying the Maslowe’s hierarchy of needs. And I think this is the social need. Need to be accepted. We used geeky language to be accepted. And I don’t think we ever move away from that social acceptance need. We still want to be part of our office group/team, still want to be part of our college ‘gang’, part of our family during family get together..It’s a need to belong.

Not sure how far we would go now, in the later part of our lives to achieve it….


~ by tia on March 7, 2008.

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