Cyrano definitely did not have this problem

You know what the problem with me is? I try to help people. Period.

Also, Men are possessive. Period.

Put the two facts together and I end putting myself and others in trouble. I try to help men and don’t realize they are possessive creatures. So I hear a compliment about some friends girlfriend and like an Idiot I blab what I hear. You’d think men are happy to hear that but they get damn pissed!

I am a counselor spirit (that theory thanks to my friend jo). See counselors (quoting jo) poke their noses into others’ business and affairs. And thats what I do. Though the intent is good, I always end up causing trouble. I also try to fix people up and that too fails miserably.

Sometimes I wonder which is worse the sin of omission or the sin of commission..

And to make things worse, I say the stupidest things when I am drunk. I say that I love anybody and everybody!It could be my neighbors kid, my neighbor’s dog, my neighbor himself! So embarrassing! And the next morning, I have no clue what I have blabbered. Actually I seem to be eternally plastered these days. I say the dumbest things in the office.

I am getting dumber because of work!


~ by tia on March 6, 2008.

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