Everything under the sun…

Do you think there is one person you were meant to end up with and would end up with that person no matter what happened? I just watched Before Sunrise and Before Sunset (which is a bad idea on a Sunday)..And there was only one guy I ever really wanted to get married to..and when the relationship broke up because it was a long distance relationship, I thought it was good because we might have just ended up hating each other..It’s been two years and i remember everything we did.

Does that mean I am still in love with him? Nope, I am over him. I have moved on. I had three other relationships after him.

But know what is weird? I think what she (Celia) says is true: We women have the pressure to be strong independent women but we also have the need to be loved. Quite a conflict which is really hard to resolve.


~ by tia on March 2, 2008.

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