I have a dream…

…actually many many dreams, with categories even!

I have the dream dreams that I have at night and the dream wishes which is pretty much like day dreaming. My night dreams are of three kinds – ones that come true, absolute nightmares (possession (not the M&B kinds!), devil, evil vs good), and the ones that really reflect my inner desires and fears (like the cute guy I had a crush on in college was intelligent in my dream when in reality he was pretty dumb)… Tis stuff Freud’s theories are made of.

And the achievement dreams – Traveling the world, Going to an Opera, Wearing a nice designer dress, Buying a Diamond ring from Tiffanys, Working in New York, Living in New York, Going for a shopping spree with no limits and no guilt (and that is almost impossible!), becoming a Size Zero, Be a singer, Driving an Audi, a  BMW, a Jag, a ferrari, a Merc and maybe just maybe finding a guy who seems right to me – Intelligent, funny, cute. Or  Rich, Old (about 40) and well very Rich…*shudder*

It’s so amazing. I am 24 already – too old to dream and yet I dream!
I am even more stupid than i thought…


~ by tia on March 1, 2008.

5 Responses to “I have a dream…”

  1. Are you crazy? 24 is young? not old!!
    And we are never too old to dream!
    And why buy a diamond ring from Tiffany’s. That rich guy that you are dreaming about will buy you one!

  2. yaar…i am confused…across ur last 3 posts…i am confused coz u sound confused….
    take care

  3. Well you mentioned freud’s theories and said that you are stupid..Its ur consciousness, which must be actually stupider than ur unconsciousness (dreams here) which made you mention that you are stupid than what you thought u are. Unconsious mind is any day smarter than conscious mind. Nice blog !! ..Keep posting ..

  4. Even if we don’t achieve anything, the least we could do is to dream. Who knows which of our dreams would come true ?! So dream when you can !

  5. *Solitaire
    That was an OR statement..it was all those OR marry a rich, old guy. Thanks for reading my blog 🙂

    Mainu disease thainu affect hove??

    Hmm actually your unconscious mind is more honest than you conscious self. Your conscious mind is quite restricted by what you have learned. Your unconscious mind acts on instincts.
    Thank you 🙂 Thanks for reading my post!

    Isn’t that too much of fatalism and optimism?? And a bit not realistic? It almost sounds like a line Shiv khera, Paulo Coelho or even Robin Sharma would say!
    Thanks for reading my blog!

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