Where is the love?

Would I be foolish if I waited for love? Would it be too late?

There is a huge risk involved in waiting for the “one”…or two depending on how open you are to the idea!*chuckle*. But seriously, I constantly wonder: What if I said no to all the marriage proposals because they supposedly didn’t “feel” right and I ended up alone? Or what if I gave up and said yes and then after I got married found the one who I am meant to end up with? Do soulmates exist? Is there someone we were meant to be with?

Jane Austen ended up a prune because she felt so. I mean I support her – you go girl, except I don’t think I am coming with you. See she loved a man and then that didn’t work out. Yet she remained single because she could never love anyone else. Or maybe she finally hit the ground and realized there aren’t any perfect relationships.

I was watching Being Jane the other day. Was nice. Quite a testimony to her life and her works. Every geeky lit student with a streak of romanticism in her would tell you how her works touched her life. But coming back to the point, I believe she advised her niece to marry the one she loved. That’s how strong she believed in love (or the ideal version of it in her mind).

And today I watched Black Friday. A movie about an idiot called man. Here when I say man, I mean humans. We are surrounded by fanatics and fundamentalists from every religion. How is that the Muslims became the Bakra? I mean does Bal Thackeray make any sense to anybody? We Hindus are so insecure about our religion. If our religion was so great why are we so scared of it being extinct? Don’t you think it would survive? I have read Mahabharat and Ramayan and the Bible. I know parts of the Koran. I see the wisdom in all three texts. Even though I am not a practicing Hindu, I just may teach my kids the best of Hinduism. Not the many pujas and the rigidity…but the stuff that makes sense: about how to be a good human. And religious tolerance.

Heartbroken women, lost sheep of all faiths….where is the love?


~ by tia on February 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Where is the love?”

  1. its strange that u shud have come up with this …i just watched serendipity yday…and descibed it to a frnd as “annoyingly idealistically mushy” But cant help u with the answer to that q of urs..every descision we make is a leap of faith.

  2. *Di
    true..and I think marriage is the ultimate leap of faith. Its actually the final frontier in a relationship!

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