Loving it!

I am loving it!I mean I have moved to a new place…no, not physically, duh! But in my mind…no, I haven’t found the happy place in my mind *chuckle*.

But I think I’ve moved from some rut I was stuck in, to a better place…not better maybe…actually, it’s like when you have homepathy medicine (or so I am told) – Things get worse and then you are cured. This is good.

I don’t need a man to make me feel good, right? Right?? Oh come on, *somebody* agree with me!

Just reminds me of the Perfect Guy I dated. Oh such a man doesn’t exist. But he seems that way when your love blinds you to his mistakes and to his negatives. Well he was perfect back then and everytime I watch the friends episode where Monica broke up with Richard, it reminds me of how I felt. I mean at least she could cry and walk around in her pajamas. I couldn’t have dared done that. I had to pretend life was normal.

I’ve come a long way. And I think I am standing on the mountain thinking: Things are gonna be all right. I am gonna be fine….

P.s: If anybody from work is reading this: I need a vacation!!!! *chuckle* Kidding!

Oh FYI: I am single (I think) (again) and Loving it. If you dare hit on me, I will crush your beating heart in my hands.


~ by tia on February 28, 2008.

6 Responses to “Loving it!”

  1. i really hope tht in ur new place, u hve a nice view and great neighbours..

    way to go woman! good for u!

  2. FYI m single too..*tssst..chuckle*

  3. May he go miserable without you.
    Can I visit happy place? Does happy place have happy food? I am hungry.

  4. *Tys
    well my new place has neil mukesh as the neighbor on the left and John Abraham on the right..can I ask for anything more?

    So when do we get together *wink* *chuckle*

    Yeah I hope he is. Sure thing, you are welcome anytime 🙂 It does have happy meals…

  5. If you are single, would you like to join me on a trip to Italy this Easter?

    [:-P]I promise not to hit on you but I would not take offence if you hit on me.


  6. *Guns
    Ha ha ha..and what exactly does this “deal” entail?? Are you the devil???Lol.

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