Voi Che Sapete

I’ve always wanted to watch the opera…love the Phantom of the Opera – Movie version…someday will watch it in a real Opera theatre…I do wanna watch The Marriage of Figaro – Le Nozze de Figaro.

I wanna watch Opera in Europe and once in New York or Boston to see what the difference is… (someday I’ll also watch a Broadway Musical…)

Here is a sample of Opera (an Italian one): Voi Che Sapete from Le Nozze de Figaro, sung by Rinat Shaham.

Voi che sapete You who know
Che cosa e amor, what love is,
Donne, vedete ladies, see
S’io l’ho nel cor. if I have it in my heart.
Quello ch’io provo What I experience
Vi ridiro: I shall explain:
E per me nuovo, it is new for me,
Capir nol so. I don’t understand it.
Sento un affetto. I feel an emotion.
Pien di desir full of desire
Ch’ora e diletto, that is now pleasure,
Ch’ora e martir. now torment.
Gelo, e poi sento I freeze, then I feel
L’alma avvampar, my soul catch fire,
E in un momento and in a moment
Torno a gelar. I turn to ice.
Ricerco un bene I seek a happiness
Fuori di me, outside myself,
Non so chi’l tiene, I don’t know who has it,
Non so cos’e. I don’t know what it is.
Sospiro e gemo I sigh and groan
Senza voler, without meaning to,
Palpito e tremo I shudder and tremble
Senza saper, without knowing it,
Non trovo pace I find no peace
Notte ne di: by night or day:
Ma pur mi piace but yet I like
Languir cosi. to languish like this.
Voi che sapete You who know
Che cosa e amor, what love is,
Donne, vedete ladies, see
S’io l’ho nel cor. if I have it in my heart.


~ by tia on February 12, 2008.

5 Responses to “Voi Che Sapete”

  1. man, Iam truly impressed with u….personally i wudnt understand a word of opera…but wud love to see one original piece…for the experience..

    u got taste …

  2. hmmm…opera…my personal opinion on operas is total dimaag ka shot

    n hope u get to see those operas u mentioned…where u mentioned…

    just make sure if u take along someone…that someone is also interested…nahi to uska bhi dimaag ka shot ho jayega

  3. Hey.. I’m a total novice in this area. Anyways ur passion has jst created a interest. Let me explore it.

  4. Sushie….
    I am dumbstruck!!!

  5. *Tys
    thank u and so does ur son i believe…

    Yeah need a classy man for a classy date 😉

    Thanx! I’m sure you’d like it once you understand the meaning..I believe one of my colleagues experience was that she was moved when she heard the opera in Vienna…

    Hi Rosh!hee hee…so glad to see you here…

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