Chilling in B’lore

Foggy mornings…. the December cold…. its the end of the year!yaaay!

Christmas and new year…wine n..more wine!

Heres a look at Bangalore in Dec:

Silent Night

Foggy Nights in Bangalore

Dusk in Bangalore

Dusk in Bangalore

Morning in Bangalore



~ by tia on December 15, 2007.

7 Responses to “Chilling in B’lore”

  1. Hey, when is summer, fall, winter, and spring in India? Is it the same all throughout India? Like would Kerala have the same weather pattern as say north India?

    And you actually woke up early in the day to take a pic? *shakes head*

  2. Well the early morning pic, is def great !!!

  3. the morning pic is great..BTW what were you doing on a railway track in the morning !!!!.. cruel intentions !!!???..Kindly mark a day in your busy calendar..i need to give you tips on how to make it ‘fool proof’…khi are great..merry xmas…n a happy new year…:-)

  4. *blah
    Ther is a slight diff…n no it is not entirely the same all over India…no i didn wake up early in the mornin to take that pic, my shuttle is at 7.45 in the mornin..

    *The avenger

    u shut up, we are meeting before the jet plane trip…so ill wish u wen i meet u…
    i have to cross the railway line to get to my shuttle stop…
    ancientmariner, will u go out wit me on dec 22??lol!
    go out in the sense meet (n gossip) at firangi paani? or some good cafe, Im tired of CCDs n baristas…

  5. 😦 ….thts my home sick face

  6. *tys
    Aaaaaw… thats ok…ill send u more pics…u can print em in the office n pin them onto ur workstation…n imagine u r here…
    *or* u cud do the reality thing n take a flight home…
    u r always welcome here πŸ™‚

  7. πŸ™‚ thanks…i will mail the pics of kathmandu in the morning…

    have a lovely holiday tia

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