Tambourine man

This guy is definitely my tambourine man..quite a funny guy..his blog is a must read if u r feeling down and need a laugh:

Life and other nonsense

Of course he is one of the guys who make me laugh…in public sphere…in pvt sphere there’s G, Shenoy, Void, CS, etc….


~ by tia on November 25, 2007.

8 Responses to “Tambourine man”

  1. tht does it…its official, my life is a joke…

    I think i need a drink…hey tia, thnks for the endorsement, a free t-shirt and cap is in the mail…

  2. *tys
    I think the way u look at life is funny not ur life itself…i prefer a bottle of chardonnay 😉

  3. i didnt know i make you cry..sob sob…i had even composed a nice lil poem for you yday..sob sob…*shattering sound*..there goes my heart..

  4. I feel the pain, I feel the pain man.

  5. *ancientmariner
    aaaw sweetie, of course u dont make me cry hee hee…


  6. Good one ..For me, its Dilbert & ouchmytoe.com which functions as perennial stress relievers 🙂

  7. *Ajith
    Love dilbert too…n calvin n Hobbes…

  8. OK I am back to reading blogs now. [:p]


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