Demons and Angels


Sometimes I think I am better off being mentally ill or mentally retarded….n then i see such kids n i realise how lucky I am to have my mental faculties in place….to live a normal life…it is better to be emotionally dependent to a certain extent than completely dependent….

Sometimes I wonder what it is like on the other side…what is it like at the last moment….what is it like taking death in your hands…n then I see what I would miss..n what i would leave behind….

Sometimes we have to just wrestle with our demons…with all our might….


~ by tia on November 6, 2007.

12 Responses to “Demons and Angels”

  1. And the award for the most weird post of the month goes to…..


    Suahamaaaaaaachiiiiiii!!!!! (Every please raise your eyebrows in congratulations for this award)

    Ok, really, you seem to have a weird fascination with death. Jumping out of castles, dark seas, trapped princesses, sheesh. I mean I understand how you feel about mentally challenged people and the thought of how it would feel to be like them, and then realizing how lucky you are. I understand that part. But where does the “last moment” and “taking death in your hands” come in from? Its like you need to go to a certain extreme to see what you have, and don’t tell me its PMS AGAIN!!!!

  2. *blah
    U online?? I am online…

  3. *tia
    Lol yeah! I plead guilty to that charge….

  4. profound shit man!!! I can so relate to it, m partially dependent on people in Delhi 😦
    I feel better now, everythinge been talking to me lately…… sounding very vague na? bottomline–it spoke directly to me

  5. man, whts with the morbidity? …been clinicaly declared insane once ( it was actually psychotic manic depression), its no great fun…have faced death a couple of times also…no great fun…u see life is wht we have , rite now, rite here…everything else is pure speculation : afterlife, god, angels and other nonsenses…somedays the sunrise actually makes perfect sense…

    other days sunset does..

    but the greatest part is u who is experiencing it..hang arnd , the best is yet to come…

  6. *Rosh
    Hee hee..thanx! Hmm yeah me trying to break dependency cycles too…. 😦

    R u serious? I kno its not fun tys…but sometimes…u wanna indulge in the feeling of self-pity…n sometimes grass is greener on the other side…quite an escapist thing…

  7. tia didi breaks her silence

  8. *ancientmariner
    didi??didiiiiiiiiiiii???????? Don u dare step into blore, cos if i catch u ill beat u up for that comment!!
    Oh you meant Di? No no this is not her blog 😛

  9. exactly how high were you? i wanna go there 🙂

  10. *sreejith
    Not too high considering it was only a cigarette 😛

  11. demons one has to wrestle…at all times…at all places…its just that either u get the better of them or they get the better of u :o)

  12. *Anurag
    Sometimes its easier to let them get the better of u…

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