Somnathapura & Talakad

A quick update…

Last week v went to Somnathpura for our photography assignment…was a lot of fun…we started out at 7.30 a.m. (tho v were supposed to start at 6, hmph :-/)

We went to the star temple n took some amazing pics….we had r breakfast at Kamat and left to somnathpura…ther was a shop ther that sold amazing silver jewellery n another that sold display stuff made from metals…awesome!

At the temple i had a weird sense of deja vu…don kno y…freaked the hell outta me…n i took pics outside the temple cos the inside was full n by the time i got to the inside it was empty…i jus wanted to click pics n get outta ther…n all the pics i took in the inner sanctum hav come out blurred…rest all are alright…weird….

Then we decided to go to Talakad n landed up ther around 4 in the evening…we got to sit in the round basket boats…awesome fun!we then started our trek towards the temples…

Legend has it that in Talakad three curses have worked…and bcos of that the temples keep getting covered by sand…once in 7 years they r dug out and puja is done…it used to…but now its permanently excavated by the ASI (archelogical survey of India)…three r permanently dug out and r covered wit walls so that they are not buried in sand again…another temple is being rebuilt…

The legend: The princess of mysore lost her husband and her dad and was looking after the state..but she was not allowed to rule in peace n was bothered by soldiers n chieftains…who kept askin her to marry one of them…cos she was wealthy…she finally cud take it no more n went to the kaveri river n jumped into it…before she jumped she threw in all her jewellery n money into the river n cursed:

1. The river shall become unusable (it does have lots of whirlpools)

2. the land shall become barren (it was kaveri delta, but now it is just sand)

3. the wodeyars shall never have a male heir (which is apparently true)

We first saw a chamundeshwari temple and then a sand goddess temple…we then saw another temple and then a temple that is being rebuilt….

The walls around the temple prevent the sand from burying the temple


Temple that is being rebuilt

Part of a temple being excavated
Part of a temple being excavated

Pieces of the temple which still have to be put together

Parts of the temple still buried
Parts of the temple still under sand

This is a piece of the original nandi statue. It’s being rebuilt with a fiberglass structure.
Original Nandi

More here


~ by tia on October 13, 2007.

8 Responses to “Somnathapura & Talakad”

  1. The place sounds interesting. Anything other than temples there? like scenic spots etc which are worth the trip.

  2. wow…have heard abt this temple…always wanted to go boating in those round boats…see them all the time in tamil movies…cant open the pictures here in my factory comp, will try tomorrow whn i go to the media city office…very keen to see the hazy pictures u shot inside the temple…btw, u think u cud be the queen?…now tht wud be realy spooky…

  3. *sreejith
    Hmm nothing the sense not too much nature…but the temples r worth an attempt at photography…

    Hmm it was fun going in them round boats, but the water was so dirty n dangerous (it had whirlpools)…
    Lol, i don think so..if anything i mite hav been the cleaning lady 😉
    Oh the hazy pics wer taken with a manual SLR..hav to scan n upload em…the ones ive put up wer taken on my phone cam…

  4. hey i had been to talkad wen i was 12 from school! 😀 have taken the exact same analog pic as your first one! 😀 and i absolutely loooved the story of the place even wen i hear it exotically mysterious naa…

  5. *di
    lol really! scary coincidences i tell ya!lol….oh yeah…the guide told us the story of the curses…quite enchanting…

  6. brrr….didnt u get scared there? I mean curse, and sand …and ruins !! If i were you, i wud just die!! 😉

  7. *roshnich
    hee hee…was pretty bad…but i got a kick from the mysterious environment…

  8. Full respect to u for being so brave man 😉

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