Well i normally don reveal info bout me n don pick up tags but i was threatened by ancientmariner to pick up this one lol…

1. Pick out a scar
you have, and explain how you got it.

There is a scar on my right ankle.. I got that when my leg got stuck in the cycle spoke when i was riding pillion…very painful reminder of the consequences of having it your way…

2. What does your phone look like? List your reasons to buy it?

I have a sexy black sony ericsson W810i… Best music quality n best camera….

3.  What is on the walls of your bedroom?

Nothing 😦 its a new house….

4. What is your current desktop picture?

its called cafe by brent heighton…

5. Do you believe in Gay marriage?

Yeah…no issues…

6. What do you want more than anything now?

The one i am supposed to end up with…

7.  What time were you born?

At around ten a.m.  on a certain day in jan

8. Are your parents still together?


9. Last person who made you cry?

My friend…he was trying to crack a joke but instead i broke down…

10. What is your favourite perfume / cologne?

CK one..channel 05…Nike deo

11.  What kind of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?

Hair: black/dark brown

Eye: Black/blue

12.  What are you listening to? why?

Rihanna – i hate that i love you/blue october – hate me..cos i am PMSing….

13.  Do you get scared of the dark?

Not anymore…

14. Do you like painkillers?

need you ask…definitely

15. Are you too shy to ask someone out?

Not shy, but as a principle i don…

16. If you could anything now, what would it be?

Chocolate – hersheys dark chocolate

17. Who was the last person who made you mad?

Blah…he frustrates me sometimes!

18. List one habit you have that has potential to annoy people?

Whining…(this fact came to light today)

19.  Who was the last person who made you smile?

Shenoy…he sent me that song remem??


~ by tia on September 30, 2007.

24 Responses to “Tagged”

  1. Hmmm I’ll respond numerically, and for space reason, the number I list is corresponding to the answer you gave to the question.

    Ok, since ur confused, if I say one, its a response to ur answer for the scar question. Kappish?

    1. I don’t get it. How did you get your leg in there?

    2. I just looked it up, it looks ugly. Why don’t you get a flip phone?

    3. So you put nothing up? sooooo traditional amaaachiiiii

    4. Thats your desktop pic? (Mine is a trisha pic, yaaay)

    5. Hmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    6. Would you like ice cream instead? 😀

    7. I know which day I know which day, but I won’t tell

    8. Ok, nice

    9. Wasn’t me (looks around nervously) wasn’t me I tell ya, Wasn’t me

    10. I like obsession by CK

    11. Take notes boys, and if you don’t match, look up contacts or dyes for black/brown or blue. Simple life hints brought to you by your truly!

    12. Weren’t you PMS-ing last week too?

    13. So you were before?

    14. Yeah, that is a weird question like u expect a “Ah No, I much rather just struggle in pain”

    15. Traditional Amaaaachiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!! C’mon why don’t you? Be brave!! But noooo sushaamaachiiii is traditional.

    16. I’d take a milky bar the whites one in India, or those trombstone ones.

    17. Noooooooooooooooo, it wasn’t me. I was just on top of her PMS kill list!!!!!!!!!! What did I do?

    18. I pity the soul that broke the news, lol jk jk jk jk jk jk

    19. I remember talkin to u after that? All those lol’s and “ahhahaa” were fake huh? Oooooooh deception. I’m gonna go cry myself to sleep now.

  2. Two similarities –
    “There is a scar on my right ankle.. I got that when my leg got stuck in the cycle spoke when i was riding pillion…”
    I have that too!!

    I have a W series Sony Ericsson phone too.


  3. *Guns
    U *cud* be my gemini twin!! :O

  4. ROFL at blahs answers!!Nice deskop pic 🙂 and that joke makin u cry thing is cho chaad! 😦

  5. Oh no!
    You had me there.
    I’m a Taurean. Do Gemini and Taurus make good partners?


  6. *Guns
    Im not a gemini…if u had read my post u wudve guessed my sun sign…its all ther 🙂

  7. *Blah
    Ni onne poda 😦
    Btw sweetie u r the only one who can make me smile always 🙂

  8. *Di
    yeah it kinda…has nice associations with it…someday im gonna travel the world…go to Paris, Boston, NY, Tuscany, Provence, Majorca, Austria, Zurich…

  9. Oh and what made you think I am a Gemini?

  10. Oye, which post?
    This one doesn’t have any mention of your sun sign.

  11. *Guns
    7. What time were you born?

    At around ten a.m. on a certain day in jan

  12. That desktop picture seducesme…

  13. *CM-chap
    seduces u?? It helps me day dream…

  14. I know nothing about sunsigns except that I am a Taurean.

    Even a “At around ten a.m. on a certain day in jan” cannot help me guess your sun sign.


  15. *guns

  16. i like the ‘cafe’ picture. It asks so many intriguing questions.

  17. *sreejith
    hee hee..wanna put up one here??

  18. infact i should rephrase.. it throws up many intriguing interpretations.
    why is there a cup of coffee on the next table where there is no one at the table? because the artist is the one sitting at the next table?

    what is it that fascinates the couple? i don’t see anything visually fascinating in the pic. the car?

    then there is the hint of a reflection in the glass window….

  19. *sreejith
    u do realise that the guy is looking at the girl n the girl is fascinated by the view…

  20. i don’t see the guy looking at the girl… of course thats why every piece of art is so unique! You could interpret it in as many ways as you want 🙂 btw the picture is called ‘After Hours’

  21. Ugh, you’re all interpreting it wrongly.

    Here’s the real low-down on the pic.

    See the guy with the girl is looking at the car and saying “I wish I had that, and repeating all the specific’s off that car in his mind, like horsepower”

    The guy sitting accross the empty chair with the coffee table, just got dumped by his girlfriend. His girlfriend was talking about going shopping when he was too busy staring at the couple in front of them, so she dumped him. You could see her walking off in the distance.

    The girl in the pic is staring at our aforementioned dumper (the girl that dumped the guy) and wants her shoes and is thinking of a way to convince the guy to buy it for her.

    And if you read the bottom left, you can read “BAR”, which means that this type of breakups happen all the time here, and thats where the first guy is going to head after his breakup. The second guy will join him there after he hears the price of them shoes.

    Now that all this has been clarified, you may resume your normal lives. Go on, live children. 😀 And yes ammaachii, you too, MUHAHAHAHAHA

  22. *Blah
    oooof! too much psychology eh??makes me wonder whether u kno so much bcos U r going thru a break up maybe?
    Ooff wher r u? i need to tell u sooo much 🙂

  23. Hahaha, you and half the girls in the NY, NJ, Penn area wish I’m going through a break up, MUAHAH

    NO, it was just obvious what the pic was about.

    Why don’t you come online anymore?

  24. *Blah
    ushoooo u r gettin delusional! U dont come online…n i tol u na i started working..at that place…

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