Arabi katha and the ultimatum

I watched two movies this week..

One was this mal movie called arabikatha…pretty vague stuff…

Its about this guy whos a commi…he and his dad are cheated by one of the colleagues who had taken kickback from leather goods factory owner…he fills a balnk check the guys father had signed with an amt of 20 lakhs…(dad dies and) in order to pay this loan he has to go to dubai n make money…(not surprising) there he turns into a blue collar worker n keeps switching jobs…he falls in love with a chinese woman (he believes chinese and cuban women r the best for him) but she cheats him n runs way with his money…

In the end the bank manager who helped in the deceit owns up but the party doesn wanna fight against the minister…a party member goes to dubai in search of the guy n then accidently finds him…they decide to expose the minister and they video tape the commi party minister taking bribes…

It was ok n funny in parts…like when he gets his first job of carrying boxes in a metal factory he says: where is the management, who should i complain to? n stuff…n then when he sees the big pakistani guy who is the supervisor he doesn have the guts to scream ‘inquilab zindabad’…he runs to bathroom n screams inquilab….

I liked the movie bcos it effectively brings bout the corruption in the Communist party in kerala as well as how certain principles of communism have lost relevance in a globalised world…

The second movie bourne ultimatum…keeps pace but is quite a let down at the end…cos they aren sure whether the testing done on him is justified or not…there is no smash endin we were waiting for…ther is a lot of confusion n the whole thing ends up bein a wild goose chase..i mean he finds out who he is…but nothing much is achieved…the bad guys turn out to be not too bad…


~ by tia on September 30, 2007.

One Response to “Arabi katha and the ultimatum”

  1. I didn’t see Aribai Kada, but I did see Ultimatum, and yeah, its kinda disapointing. The first 2 were good, but this one, they really wanted to leave it open for a 4th one. Its a really successful series, so I think they want to milk it once more. If he gets to the truth and ends it, then there is nothing left. He isn’t part of the agency anymore like a 007 series, so the only chance they have is to milk out the truth. They will create a new one with some kinda story about them finding out who REALLY controlled all this, and then go after that person together and walk off or something.

    I don’t know how familiar you are with US High School atmosphere, but the movie Super Bad was hillarious. I mean, some of the stuff they show in that movie are sooo funny, but also sooo true.

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