Ever wanted to hurt somebody bcos u hav been…or bcos u r hurt…

It’s like trying to soothe a bird that has been hurt…it will attack u…cos its weary…yet its trying hard to fight u..n fight death…

If i had a gun, i would have long killed so many people in my hitlist hee hee…. or probably killed myself…not sure which…

Oh come on, i’m not depressed…i jus keep wonderin wats on the other side…wat is it to not breathe…wher do u go after u die…is everything black? or is everthing white?will ther b a white lite?

Is it painful to die?

But if i wer carrie (read the book stephen king) id probably blow things up around me….

How long can a girl be shackled to you
How long before my dignity is reclaimed
How long can a girl stay haunted by you
Soon I’ll grow up and I won’t even flinch at your name 

– Alanis morissette, flinch


~ by tia on September 24, 2007.

7 Responses to “Hurt”

  1. Hmmm time to get you back on an elevator!

    Whzts with the depression (Yeah yeah, u said no, but c’mon when was the last time I listened? :D)

    I’m guessing its that time of the month again, where snowflakes turn deadly.

  2. Runaway, Runaway
    I’ll attack
    Runaway, Runaway
    Go chase yourself
    Runaway, Runaway
    Now I’ll attack
    I’ll attack, I’ll attack. I will attack

    I’ll Attack by 30 seconds to mars

  3. 😉 creepily strange that i feel annoyingly the same way today ..and NO it isnt coz of the time of the month :-/

  4. *alarm bells rrrringin in the background* Please don’t tell me that the ‘hitlist’ that you have referred to in your post is the blogroll that you have on your site. If yes,please please remove me from that list…show some mercy. My yet-to-be-born kid from my yet-to-happen second marriage is yet to join IIT. The next time you meet me, I will have you frisked for sure.

  5. hey the good news is that u will find out abt death at your own time, like all of us…so why worry abt that? its the only sure thing thts going to happen…i blogged abt it long ago, here it is:

  6. *ancientmariner
    u r *definitely* on the list..i kill the people i love first…
    Oh don’t worry ill adopt him….hes bound to turn out better wen i raise him 😛

    can’t wait…will read it soon…goin thru some shit rite now…not literally tho thankfully

  7. *Di
    Told ya!

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