Remem the joy of elevators wen we wer kids? I used to feel like an astronaut when i rode one…i used wonder whether i cud possibly get lost in another dimension between two floors…what if it left one floor n didn reach the next…for me back then it wasn two floors but two levels…two dimension possibly…a lost in space kinda feeling…

Ridin in the elevator was an experience n a journey…it was all bout the elevator…the feeling of motion, the buttons..the fact that we wer goin against the grain, against normal direction…like sitting in a train n travellin backwards…

Now-a-days i jus get into the elevator press the button impatiently wait for it to get to my floor and get off….n continue wit my work…the focus is on wat work i hav n no attn is paid to the elevator at all…


~ by tia on September 20, 2007.

12 Responses to “Elevators”

  1. dont like lifts tht much..always worried abt getting stuck in one…in one of my dreams, the lift tht i take goes to random places and sometimes shoots out of the top of the building…i guess wudnt hve minded if it was glass walled, then i cud see wht was happening…but i was always inside…got molested by a creepo once in a lift when i was abt 6 yrs old…who knows, must be tht…

  2. *tys
    ah ok…i think that’s exactly why…im guessin that experience has left a permanent bad test in your mouth…

  3. now its just another means of going up in life šŸ™‚

  4. *sreejith
    its also the means of being “brought up” lol šŸ˜›

  5. i find them claustrophobic

  6. *burf
    r they claustrphobic or do u find them claustrophobic?

  7. ohh elevators….hmm..the stuff fantasies are made of…u walk into one in the basement, a blonde walks in and u ask ‘ is this goin up’….n rest is history…a perfect place to break the ice..Love in an elevator
    Livin it up whn Im goin down
    Love in an elevator
    Lovin it up till I hit the ground…………..

  8. *ancientmariner
    dirty mind…u jus wrote the script for a whole X rated movie!!lol…

  9. shiva shiva..gals these days…how cud u….i mean.. how did u…i mean..why wud u…read between the lines…

  10. *ancientmariner
    how can you not??the blonde was a dead giveaway…forgive my indulgence in stereotypes…

  11. u guessed wrong, abt the bad taste in the mouth bit LOL…u r sooooo disgusting…may u be stuck in the elevator with a blonde for company….

  12. *tys
    oooof! i didn mean that! Hee hee i’d show the blonde *guy* a good time šŸ˜‰

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