Dictionary edake da!


Mal movies as i mentioned in an earlier post have more of english and hindi in it than mal itself….in theatres in kerala during any given Mohan lal movie, when he starts speaking in english (with his very nasal accent) the mal men, who think of themselves as the rightful people to make fun of the movie/actor, screams: oxford edake da!

(take out (open) the oxford (dictionary,)for reference)) 



~ by tia on September 18, 2007.

13 Responses to “Dictionary edake da!”

  1. adipoli :))

  2. to be honest isn’t that a really witty comment !!!

    ohh btw the translation is still more hilarious !!!

  3. my all time fav was the way mamooty used to say miracle : meeraa kal

  4. *Sreejith

    *The avenger
    Very…mal men r known only for their comments not for achieving anything worthwhile 😛

    LOL!ha ha ha…

  5. Chyaayla, hey kaay?

  6. *Guns

  7. achievements are not dependent on being mal or a freakin hybrid thats more on attitude. btw which mal men are you talking about? more importantly what is your definition of achievement? perhaps that warrants a different post all together…

    ohh btw guns asked “what’s this (post) all about” translation ( marathi – english )for chayyla hey kaay,

  8. *the avenger
    thanx for the translation….

  9. dare u say anything against mal men..u ll be a social outcast..[;)]…

  10. 🙂

  11. He he.. thats marathi for “£$$^$%^, what’s this?”

    Anyway, I just noticed that if you rearrange the letters a bit, “Dictionary Ikde De” in Marathi would make sense too. It means “Give the dictionary here”…



  12. *Guns
    I waited for u to translate for me…even tho avenger did the same ealier…i think id given enough translation for the mal words that wer present in the post…

  13. Hyuk hyuk…

    How about you teach me Mal and I teach you Mar ?


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