Why would I?

There was this time in the near past when i was thinking of buyin ayur slim pills (don remem whether it was dabur or himalaya)…they cost something like 200 bucks for 40 pills….was desperate to lose weight….

I read the label and it recommended half hour of walking twice day for the pills to work….

What makes you think id take slimming pills if i had *that* kinda time??


~ by tia on September 17, 2007.

8 Responses to “Why would I?”

  1. Don’t take those slimming pills because it makes your body more likely to gain that weight right back. Its like wearing glasses, the more you wear them, the more your eyes become dependent on it, thus the weaker your eyes become without glasses. So in essence taking these pills work, until you run out of pills. Then you put that much weight back on, as quick as it came off, because the body expects the chemicals that were in the pills to do the work. This works out great for whoever is making the pills, because then you have to buy a second batch of them, and so on. Its not addictive, its just that its going to get you results, and then your body will go back to normal, and you’ll panic when after all that, the weight is coming back.

    Whats with the desperation to lose weight? Self confidence? So your whole self confidence rests on the scale and what others think about you for that reason?

    For more guys (Is that even possible, aren’t you the hunk magnet of Banglore or something? ) to be attracted to you? So you’d be more comfortable with a guy who liked you because you could fit into a size 2, than for a guy likes you for who you really are?

    I mean, people may want things altered about their bodies, but I don’t get why you seem desperate about it. You’re pretty, but you never seem to acknowledge that. You and your body reminds me of malayalee parents here with their kids. The kids get 98% on their tests, and the malayalee parents complain about the 2% they didn’t get and how they need to try harder like someone else who got a 99%. Chill. Stop worrying about your weight.

    Do you like wake up, looking for a problem to worry about?

  2. *blah
    wow is that really u??im not talkin bout all that scientific stuff but….
    See i had lost a lot of weight doin pilates a few months ago n then i started puttin on weight again (which i lost thanx to a bout of illness) n thats wen i was thinkin bout it…
    Sweetie (will not use “honey” in public n embarrass u 😛 lol) there r other dimensions to the weight prob…u r discriminated bcos of ur wt…

  3. yeah…i always hoped that the energy i use for chewing food will make me thin…

  4. *tys
    lol…i always though using the Tv remote would make me thin!

  5. you are telling me the chewing doesn’t help? drat.. so many gums down the drain :((

    i know what you mean when you say you are discriminated because of your weight but after a while you realize somethings are simply not worth worrying about.

  6. *Sreejith
    I think we wud hav to join em if we cant beat em if r job is at stake….or a promotion…

  7. haha and ayur slim pills are manufactured by ayur, not himalaya or dabur. how were you discriminated against due to your weight ? i would like to know 🙂

    and yes i am glad you dint take the pills you are pretty except when you go fishing !!!

  8. smoking also helps loose weight… one lung at a time!

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