Alisha Chinai

Well i have no idea whether alisha chinai is the “indian madonna” or not…a title which btw shows lack of imagination for a pretty good voice…but these r a the ONLY songs i hav liked…possibly because the rest have been played to death…like boom boom, kajra re, etc

Listen to this song with ur eyes closed…the melody will captivate u…

Tu Jo mila

Seulement vous

And P.s: Ancientmariner Tinka tinka is not made in India 😛


~ by tia on September 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “Alisha Chinai”

  1. I was reaaaaaaalllllllly liking her voice after viewing the first link. Then my hormonaly related memory kicked in and realized it was Priyanka Chopra (Yes, I did hit replay)

    Then I saw the second one with the real her.

    Yeah, she better be good at singing, lol jk jk jk jk

    I had to reboot my computer so my audio card is messed up for some reason now, so I’ll make fun of her singing later.

    Yes, do hold your breath till I do so

  2. *blah
    u wish 😛

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