Love stories

I have decided to buy a few DVD’s id like to collect…One of them is this one:

Kate and Leopold

I love the scene where shes sitting in the horse drawn carriage with her leather case cradled in her arms…n she looks at him n says – are u for real?

And sigh he’s sooo cute….

Tall, cute and a gentleman (Just the kinda guy i need..)

Other movies romantic ones i’d like to buy:

Roman Holiday



Breakfast at Tiffanys

After sunrise and after sunset

English patient

Pretty woman

Gone with the wind (have the cd)

You’ve got mail

Princess bride

When Harry met sally

French Kiss


Clueless (the teen version of emma)

Romeo and juliet

Mask of zorro

As good as it gets….

Anything else?


~ by tia on September 15, 2007.

9 Responses to “Love stories”

  1. kahani ghar ghar ki..kabhi saas bhi kabhi bahut thi, tia bhi kabhi sane thi..

  2. i came in to write a sensible reply but LOL at ancient mariner πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ i thought i was the only one who had seen Kate and Leopold…Sigh….kya kahani thi!

  3. *ancientmariner
    ooof! Its worth watching when u r feelin all lonely, down n PMSing! Trust me nothing soothes u better than romance wen PMSing…
    Kahani ghar ghar khi??Meri level kahan hain, K serials ki level kahan hain??main to international level pe hoon πŸ˜›

    I kno….sigh…………………………….

  4. yea tia..i know the pressures of PMSing..instead of the mushy mushy love stories watch jurassic park, jaws, godzilla.will cheer u up..khi khi…

  5. btw even i have seen Kate & L…’…and no i was not feeling lonely ….wanted to see meg ryan hence…;)

  6. *ancientmariner
    ha ha ha if i saw jurassic park or jaws while PMSing id go berserk and go on a rampage like them!we need something soothing child not something to aggravate us!

    ha ha ha men!

  7. Hey can someone translate what AncientMariner said please? I want to laugh at tia too *puppy eyes*

    From the list, I saw Mask of Zorro, yes it had a hot girl in it, and that might have played a reason to why I wanted to see it.

    Pretty Woman sucked, I mean the whole hooker thing didn’t fit for Julia.

    You got Mail was terrible, felt like I was cheated into opening a spam mail

    Romeo and Juliet was allright (The second one, the more modern one, with that hot girl in it), but the same old story. The first one (I had to watch it in class) was just terrible, like seriosly, who doesn’t know the story?

    As good as it gets was terrible, of all the people to see semi naked, why did it have to be Hellen Hunt? Thats a mood killer, who directed that movie? Viagra?

  8. *blah
    waaaaah…poda 😦
    oh come on wats wrong with helen hunt? she’s alrite…
    someday i’ll slow dance like in the movie K&L………….

  9. its Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Both of them are my favourite movies. Of the mindless mushy ones I liked 50 first dates πŸ™‚

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