Trip to Trichy

Well i was sleeping in this saturday cos i had classes only at 2, but was rudely woken up by my bro and asked to pack my bag, cos we were leaving on an impromptu trip to trichy…

chucked some stuff into a bag and we left to majestic to board the bus…well that was the only part of the whole trip that was sane…

The bus left to trichy at one and we reached this place after bangalore for some snacks..its a place called reliance A1 plaza…its a cafe within the premises of a reliance gas station..the food is good, not too expensive….

The idea of the A1 is well A1…see they giv these bus drivers free food in exchange when they bring their passengers there… and they provide all the necessaries a middle class traveller would need:Clean toilets, good and clean food and packed snacks….one horrible thing of course is that they have these western cum indian toilets which are really uncomfortable to use…the whole purpose of a western toilet is defeated in this case!

A1 plaza


Matka Kulfi!

So we ate heartily (a special mention: i had something called matka kulfi…kulfi served in cute plastic matkas that come complete with a spoon and a lid…)and left to trichy…but this wasnt meant to be..arya (the new madhavan movie) was just being played when we saw smoke coming from the back of the bus…everybody panicked got the driver to stop the bus and literally jumped out…

Apparently a certain belt had burnt and jammed the ball bearing, and we could not proceed…he called for help and K.P.N travels promised to send another bus in two hours!! It had to come all the way from salem and that takes two hours!

Now this is where things get interesting:

we were stranded near Andhra border and on a highway on the fringes of a naxal infested forest! Now this isnt the only shocker…panthers also were spotted here….

One guy comes up to the driver and says: A/c pottite ukaralame…

(we can put the a/c and sit)

he then got blasted: bus odirdike mudiyadhe ninge a/c pathi pesringle…lol…

(we cant even drive/start the bus, u r talkin bout the a/c!)

With two hours to waste i started taking random pics…


Highway star

One good thing was that the highway patrol stopped and asked us what the problem was…they made sure that the driver wasn gonna run away leaving us stranded…

My bro and i wer wondering whether we shud ask a woman we saw walking out of the forest with cattle about the naxalites but we figured why take the chance..she just mite take a gun out n shoot us!lol…

The second time the highway patrol came my bro and i wer sitting on the side of the road, with no qualms about the dirt…but all the women were asked to sit inside the bus for our own safety…so we trooped into the bus and sat in the sweltering heat without a/c….

The sweltering heat

But thrown together in such circumstance got the best of all of us in the bus…most of us were mal or tam (no surprise there!) and we all took our luggage and came to the front of the bus so that we could get off the bus quickly…and thats when the fun started…

everybody started cracking jokes about the situation…

Said maami: (when speaking about the possibilty of naxalites killing us) Avange nambale konne potita, inge stalle potitvango! (if they naxalites kill us the media and people will put up stalls here!)

Even better is when maami asks maama: Vandi vandircha paringo..

(check whether the bus (vehicle) has come)

Maama: Idhe highway yelame vandi thane..

(this is a highway, there will be so many vehicles)

maami: aama pudhu kandpidipe…

(new discovery…)


And then the bus came…and we all ran to the replacement bus….the sad part was they didnt play arya they played madurai and tamirzhan…two movies i slept thru…

We finally got to trichy at 11 p.m. and checked into our hotel room…slept till 7 and got up to leave to a shaneshwaran kovil (don’t know the name…)…we got there after a three hour drive and reached just in time cos the temple was gonna close (lunch break for shaneshwar)..

i was least interested and got weird looks cos i was wearing a men’s kurta with jeans and everyone thought i was a north indian…it was co crowded and hot …we finally bribed the security guy and got close to the idol and prayed…

The saddest thing about these places is the no of beggars…we were hounded by some of them…my bro went to giv a blind guy some money and some kids came and told him: naange andha aale kekirdhe munnale nambe ketome aana nambilke yeh onnum thariliye… (we asked u before that guy, but u didnt giv us anything)

bro said: avangilke kanna theiyadhe, ungailke kanne paaka mudiyume..

(he is blind, but u can see)

girls: seri nambalke sapdirke vangi kudingle…

(ok then buy us some food)

My brother decided to get them food…we went to a small tiffin room and ordered food packed for them…we then saw the girls reading the boards in english…and it felt nice…we asked them whether they went to school and where…they apparently went to govt school nearby….

Couldnt resist saying: Nalla padikyanum, yenna?

(study well, ok?)

I mean i kno that bit of advice means nothing..but i said it….

We then left to velankanni..yes my family is a secular one we believe in all gods!lol….

We got ther in another hour…and to our dismay found the place so dirty…. maybe its true (i am not being racist but) if the church was in kerala it would have been so clean…

Velankanni church

We prayed and checked out the “museum” which is basically a collection of all the offering made and the shops and the other prayer halls….

We then left to trichy stopping for lunch on the way (it was 4 p.m by this time)..we also saw the tribute to the tsunami victims…

As we got back dad was talking about the pragathi eshwari temple (i think thats what its called)..he was talking about the dome that weighed a lot (in tons) and people still speculate about how they got it to the top of the temple….i wanted a picture so we stopped at the flyover and i took a picture of what could be seen of the temple…

pragathieshwari temple

We got to the hotel room tired…

The next morning we spent 4 hours trying to get a ticket to bangalore and got it at 12.40 for the 1 p.m bus…we decided to get something to eat and i wanted to buy the 5 in 1 lays…the lady asked me:

yellame venuma ille onne podhuma??

(do u want all of them or do u want just one??)

I am not fat!and that wasnt just for me….it was for all of us!

Took some pics in the bus as it was moving….

The western ghats

we got to bangalore at 11 p.m because the driver was slow..we watched a nice ajith movie in the bus…where hes an IPS guy standing up for the poor and the underdog…

What a trip…

P.s: check out the rest of the pics on my flickr account..

Update: I forgot this incident:

On the way back we stopped at a gas station to use the restrooms and to pick up somethin to eat…so ther was this old man who was standing jus at the door of the cafe was smoking….he was from our bus…so the cafe guy cameΒ  n asked him not to smoke ther cos well it is a gas station! He said ok and chucked the cigarette onto the gas station premises!!lol…bout 10 people ran n picked it up!!lol….


~ by tia on September 11, 2007.

15 Responses to “Trip to Trichy”

  1. I think I need a vacation after reading all that!!

    So wait, on a random Saturday, ur bro ran through the door and dragged u out of bed to go to pray at these places?

    U went to Velankani? On the bottom part of the church, in the 3rd row of seats, on the extreme left side, there is a holy spot. How you ask? I sat there the last time I went there, so please don’t forget to genuflect when you go by there.

    Stranded on the road eh? I heard rumors that the forest bad guys were going to attack, but then saw you (Oh Veeeraamaaaaa) and got scared. The queen of the jungle had returned and all the animals went nuts. Like a scence out of the Lion King, all animals gathering around in the forest for the occassion.

    I don’t get the untranslated jokes.

    And why can’t I see pics on the flickr account? Huh? Huh? Huh?

  2. some adventure you had there! hey the food at the A1’s out in the north(rajasthan esp) suck big time.. i remember having all 3 meals at A1’s on a 4 day trip and every meal was more pathetic than the first one. and need some help with the tamil lines as blah said πŸ™‚

  3. now, thats wht i call a real, ur bro suddenly felt religious? whts the catch? exams? but iam glad that u guys got back safe and sound…wudnt like to miss the tia parties

  4. Wow, its some time since I read a travel account on a blog. Nicely written though and it looks like yet another facet of India there.

    I was just wondering how the Western Ghats reached Trichy. I used to think they ended in Karnataka.


  5. HEY!
    You own a Fender Stratocaster?????
    Are you a professional guitarist then?

  6. *blah
    i have translated the jokes…holy spot?? its equivalent to saying pray to judas πŸ˜›
    n ya, it was an impulse thing…

    hmm the food here was pretty good..slightly expensive but good…

    hee hee…nah thats my dads dept – being religious…bro believes in Infant jesus n mother mary…the family decided we need a vacation n i was pulled along…

    oops i need to corss check that…but i think its western ghats in TN…i think its sahya mountains…

    Hey! Yes i own a fender stratocaster…nope not a professional guitarist..still in beginner level..

  7. *blah
    p.s: that’s where i sat too….

  8. rich maiden in a lousy bus…!!! what has the world come to…shud hv tipped off the naxals…lemme know when u move out of blore πŸ˜€

  9. tia is writing long posts!! what has teh world cum to! πŸ˜€ he he

    nice one…i love the way maamis talk..its just so cute! πŸ™‚

  10. You DO NOT own a Fender Strat if you are a beginner!
    Oh man! How much did you get it for anyway?


  11. *ancientmariner
    u! I am never tellin u…u’ll be the first to shoot me lol

    hee hee…well the pics added to the length of the post..else the amt text is pretty much the same,,,
    I kno! i laughed my ass off the whole time!bro n i used to sit n listen in on wat they wer talkin bout n v’d laf silently…

    we spent bout 20 plus to import it…my bro and i share it…

  12. [:o]
    Thats a STEAL!!
    for 24,000 (Β£300), you cant even get a USED Fender here.

    Wow, I should hear you play someday. Come to the UK.


  13. *guns
    i think thats twenty excluding customs…and the case…

  14. That’s still a steal.

    Are you a smuggler by any chance? I mean, I’ve never had any smuggler friends you know so it would be great if you were one.


  15. *guns
    I wish i was, but i am not. The idea is to buy one during the season holidays….Christmas holidays, easter, etc…

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