Digital love

Ive always loved Japanese cartoons…Fushigi yugi (which had Tamahomei and miaka) …i mean japanese animes are so..down-to-earth yet fantastical…there is action, romance, adventure…the whole works…

I liked this series of Anime videos put together for Daft Punk’s album…The stoty goes like this:

These guys are a rock group in an alien planet (not earth)…the rock group is kidnapped by aliens and taken to earth (thats the story in aerodynamic and one more time)…meanwhile one of their race is a guy in a guitar shaped space craft who is in love with the bass guitarist (a lovely blue girl..they r all blue! with yellow hair..) is alerted about the attack and he sets out to rescue her (digital love)…

The rock group is humanised (their skin colour and hair colour is changed) their memories humanised and they are shipped off to earth… (harder,better, stronger, faster)…they make a lot of videos and make a lot of money (crescendolls)…

The hero comes in search of his hero and he is injured (something about us) ..he finally meets the girl of his dreams but she cant remem him…after some cheesy love scenes, he dies (:()…he is buried by the group (voyager) and they find dolls ofthe rock group as they were before..all blue,..and they start remembering stuf…

In the end they somehow get home…

heres the complete story: Interstella 5555

Grand Finale


~ by tia on August 30, 2007.

7 Responses to “Digital love”

  1. Isn’t anime like Japanese Cartoon porn or something?

    And you watch this? *Shakes head*

    Mature, reaaaaaal Mature, uh uh.

  2. *blah
    no it isnt! i mean u do get porn ver, but the ones aired here arent…

  3. hmmm… me thinks Eiffel 65’s Blue(Da Ba De) had a similar story line.

  4. *Sreejith
    Really? I found the video really annoying…so is that damn frog…

  5. ayyo its been years since ive watched a cartoon whole! 😦 other than my frnds ofcourse.. 😛 simply dont have the patience for them anymore ,i think i must b gettin old 😦

  6. i was talking about the song “Blue” by the band “Eiffel 65” and not ‘Crazy Frog’! In Blue, the band members are captured by some aliens… wait.. here u go

  7. *Di
    hee hee..nah, i dont mind watching them…still feel young at heart i guess lol…

    Oh yeah that irritating song…i found that song irritating too…its good to dance to but painful to watch…

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