I was watching a mal movie for onam…some movie wit mamooty wit a funny trivandrum accent…an accent wich normal mals cannot understand apparently…

And i saw Rehman in it…*sigh* he is cute…in mal movie industry ther r jus three guys who r cute…Rehman, vineet and prithviraj…

everytime i watch a mal movie it reminds me of watchin movies with my grandparents…n it feels like home…


~ by tia on August 29, 2007.

6 Responses to “Onam”

  1. I think the movies called Rajamanikam, it was meh.

    You think that dude is cute? WTF? *slaps you around* Snap out of it Gal, Snap out of it before its too late, hahahah.

  2. *blah
    shut up..hes soooo cute..ever since i saw his first movie in which he was a school boy…

  3. :O i think u see him in a different light or something! *Di wipes her glasses to see if it makes a difference..it doesnt :(*

  4. *Di
    Di! he kinda looks cute…have u seen him in this tamil movie called Kalki…he looked really nice in that..i cudn find a good pic to put up..watch his movie…he looks cute on screen..

  5. I think u saw the movie called Rajamanikum…the accent hes doing is the original trivandrum lingo…not every one there speaks that way but I hve heard it being spoken.,..its pretty crude and funny…jagathy srikumar( the malu comedian) does that accent a lot…

    thts the end of the tys encyclopidia (cant even spell rite)

  6. *tys
    oh yeah…thats the movie! I never knew such an accent existed before..i hav had heard the thrissur (my cousin lives there) one n kinda like it..its lyrical..
    hee hee…a very informative encyclopedia..thanx!

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