Boys, boys ;)

Was chattin wit a friend of mine…and jus to irritate him i sent him pics of Johnathan Rhys meyer and Shane west…sigh so cute!

Loved johnny in this weird movie dont remember in which hes this psychotic satanist types…and shane west of course it has to be a walk to remember…


  Shane West


~ by tia on August 29, 2007.

4 Responses to “Boys, boys ;)”

  1. He is a bit of a psycho in Match Point!

  2. *guns
    was it match point? the one with mischa barton? Yeah but hes sooo cute…

  3. Who cares about the guys?

    Adriana Lima can kick these 2 guy’s ass
    Heck, even Mantha Mohandas or Illena or Charmy, or Aishwarya (F U Abishek!!!) or Asin or……or…….or

  4. *blah
    sssh…its ok…it will b alrite, i kno its upsetting when aishwarya gets married!lol….dont get emotional…lol

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