I came across this unique inititive through Krysos‘ blog…its called simpsonize me!

They are of course making complete use of the simpsons movie hype…

check it out:

Thanx Krysos!



~ by tia on August 26, 2007.

8 Responses to “Simpsonized”

  1. All I see is a bunch of “X”s.

    I’ve seen the simpsonize me one before, it only works for certain people. A lot of times, if you upload your pic, it doesn’t come out right, but for some people its spot on.

    And with how your hair is always messed up, I’m guessing you come out as Marge right? 😀

  2. *blah
    poda! so rude..i came out alright..not spot on though…
    Todays onam and u didn wish me… 😦

  3. Happpppppppppyyy Onam!!!!!

    Actually ut of curiosity, what does ONAM actually celebrate?

  4. *blah
    celebrates the coming of the king Mahabali…its a harvest festival..

  5. Who is King Mahabali?

  6. *blah
    will u read the article already??

  7. Thanx Tia,

    Came to see simpsonized You and well there is no visible you 😦

    Hope to see it soon.

    Happy Onam!


  8. *Kanchan/krysos
    Thanx! i need to put up the pic properly…haven had the time to edit the post 😦

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