Capri-Libra connection?

What is with Libra men i like so much…hee hee….

I came across this celebrity astrology thingy..(hey im a media professional i need to do all this lol)…

And all the guys i picked up wer Libra guys: Like Antonio Banderas, J.C Chasez and Johnathan Rhys Mayers (*sigh* he is too cute…he has this dangerous yet feminine yet rugged manly look…totally love it!)

Chech this out: (Johnathan Rhys Mayers and lil ol’ me!!)


~ by tia on August 26, 2007.

13 Responses to “Capri-Libra connection?”

  1. antonio’s a leo ….

  2. so is jc chasez lol

  3. *Me
    Really?? Then y did it show libra??

    Reaaallly?? *scratches head*
    Probably a bug in the program *shrugs*

  4. aww come on…theres no man like the sagi men..every women knows that..

  5. *tys
    Really?wat is so great about saggi men??

  6. Who cares about Antonio’s sun sign?

    *drools all over the keyboard*

  7. *Pancreas
    Hav already checked out his tushie lol šŸ˜‰

  8. Women!! *shakes head*

    I could care less what Trisha’s sun sign is, I’d still tap that!!!!

    Only women try to find corelations between a crush and astrology. Its simple: I see, She cute, I bang!!!! Not rocket science here.

    Although, did you read about how women prefer men with cavemen like faces?

  9. *blah
    what??no way! caveman like faces??i heard women like men with slightly feminine features…
    Hey johnathan rhys myers and antonio r like candy in a shop..u gotta jus want em šŸ˜‰

  10. no one cares about us poor cusps šŸ˜¦

  11. *sreejith
    u r a cusp of what?

  12. i don’t really care for zodiacs but that would be a virgo/libra

  13. *Sreejith

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