Chak De India!

I watched chak de India today….it was like a mix of Lagaan and Bend it like Beckham…so basically it was a team of Jasminder Kaur a.k.a parminder nagras fighting men for respect for women and playing for the country…

Well its the same old same old refreshed…and i dont hear any complaints..

It is a statement in patriotism..but such patriotism is normally just a fad…it ends when we leave the theatre…another thing it brought out though was the sorry state of sports in our country….Apart from cricket nothing else is given importance… (i must admit it has inspired me to shoot some hoops like i used to in school…)

The story is this: An ex Indian hockey team captain decides to coach the Indian Womens Hockey team (like Bend it…). He puts together a team of girls from all over the country…these girls face gender discrimination yet go on to play in the Women’s Hockey World cup…Do they win? Can they put their differences aside? And can Shahrukh Khan the coach lead the team to victory?

There are some very nice dialogues i must admit…like:

He says when hes in austrailia n sees the Indian flag being raised in the austrailian stadium: This must be the first time a white man is raising the Indian flag…

And: Ek launde ko dikana chathi hoon ki ek laundi kya kar sakti hain…

The movie brings out all the flavors of our country’s culture…It’s a nice movie to watch..but watch in a theatre with a bunch of friends…its a lot of fun that way!

Chak De India!


~ by tia on August 22, 2007.

12 Responses to “Chak De India!”

  1. there was another good one ” Aage se vaaar karo, peeche se nahi kyun cricket ki tarah hockey me chakke nahi hote’
    Context : in Mc D when the ruckus happens and a guy tries to hit a lady with a cricket bat..:-)

  2. *Pp
    oh yeah forgot that one..that was good too..

  3. i liked it…pretty much follows the beaten track but then the destination was someplace exotic πŸ™‚

  4. *sreejith
    Yeah..liked it bcos it was different…its not like cash or jhoom barabar jhoom (thankfully!)

  5. What?

    You went to see a Hindi movie? Miss Revolutionist herself subjecting herself to a Hindi movie? Whats the world coming to?

    I just downloaded the movie, and watched it, it was pretty good, but kinda predictable. If the film isn’t headed by SRK, I think the film would have flopped in India, but oh well.

  6. And on a side note, What does “Chak De” mean?

  7. Waaahhh… Exams coming up… Waahhhh…. I wanna see….

  8. *blah
    yeah..cos it was compulsory…

    Chak de..well i always thot it meant beat them but after googling i realise it means “lift the floor boards” as a war cry..

    *adorable pancreas
    Aaaaw don worry u can always watch it after the exams πŸ™‚

  9. So Chak De India means, lift the floorboards India? Or is it Lift up India? Darn, I expected some better meaning. So wait, if Phatte means floorboards, then what does Ullu Ke Phatte mean? Potato of Floorboards?

  10. *Blah
    Arre! Chak de india means go n get em India…get them n turn them into dust types…The literal trasnlation of course means lift the floorboards and beat the people attackig u…
    Phatte means nephew (here in chad de patte it wud most likely mean son). Ullu ke phatte means nephew of an owl…i think..
    somebody wanna help me with this?

  11. How does Chak De become go get em now, if it was “Lift up floor boards” before?

    So Chak De Patte means lift up Newphew now? WTF

    Newphew of an owl? I thought Ullu ke patte was an insult, but how does calling someone the newphew of an owl insult?

  12. *blah
    blah!!ooof!owl were considered stupid…so if u r the nrephew of an imbecile u r likely to b an imbecile too… πŸ˜›
    arre…now uve confused me!!

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