Kingdom of dreams

I was reading this book called Kingdom of Dreams by Judith Mc Naught…re-reading it rather….

And it reminded me of my college days..v wud go to ellore library and i would directly go to the new releases section or the travelogue section while my friends wandered around the romance section….

Finally one of my friends forced me to read Kingdom of Dreams and i admit i have read most of her books…

If i died and went to heaven… i believe my heaven would be a library…

I have read Barbara cartland, victoria holts, Nora roberts and Danielle steele….couldn get thru some, loved some….

But wat makes romance books sometimes delectable is possibly the state of mind…how emotional we are at the moment…and how strong r basic human instincts to find a mate are…

Take Kingdom of dreams for an plays with the need of every woman to be treated as a princess…it also plays with the need to find the perfect man…and the need to be not lonely, the fear of bein alone…the need for attention..the need for romance…the need to be swung off her feet…

If you wanna read the book u cud find an e-book ver here:

Judith Mc Naught – Kingdom of Dreams


~ by tia on August 18, 2007.

8 Responses to “Kingdom of dreams”

  1. *shakes head*

    How do you spell Nerd? Sushamaaachiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!

    So ur favorite hangout was the library? Like when most people get old, they remember the parties they attended or the girls they chased (in ur case, girls too I guess, :D), etc, but you remember the library?

    Fresh air is your friend, AMaachiiiiiiiii!!

    So ur friends come and want to be with you, and you ditch them in the romance section for Kingdom of Dreams books? Poor friends, deserted, *shakes head*

    So I bet ur too busy reading Kingdom of Dreams instead of being online, Ah I get the picture now. Boooooooooooooo

  2. *blah
    ooof read carefully..i used to NOT read romances…
    I am online…jus pinged u u dope..

  3. eeeeeeeeee.. 😀 our heavens are the same tooo!! Soul sisters?!

  4. *Di
    Hee hee..i believe so!!

  5. and what exactly is the state of mind to do a re read ?? If i MAY ask so….

    a post would be the best bet than a reply i guess !!!

  6. *Avenger
    i guess pms is the cause…

  7. Hey Tia… Thanks for the ebook.. I’m sure to read that..

  8. *CM-Chap
    if u r a guy n i think u r i don think u’ll enjoy it too much…but hey u never kno 🙂 u mite jus like it 🙂

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