Ancientmariner’s travels

LOL! Love these two posts…good job pp!

(p.s: considering u r mellu, anytime u r bored wit ur job u cud open a travels by that (title of my post) name!!lol…)

a collector of….

one of those days….


~ by tia on August 15, 2007.

6 Responses to “Ancientmariner’s travels”

  1. thanks for the compliments!!. And why would I open a ‘travels’ ? And what is the relation between a mallu n this considering that mallus aren’t exactly good at business. I plan to open a spa though!!..;)

  2. *pp
    i said travels cos most travels here are by mallus…so r supermarkets, tea shops and bakeries…take ur pick!lol..

  3. i ll stick to the spa ;)…and be my guest…

  4. *pp
    unconventional mellu eh?? Sure, do i get a free massage??

  5. good good.. thanks to you i found some good blogs!

  6. *sreejith
    no problemo 🙂
    glad to help 🙂

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