Many songs that are famous in mal are retaken in kannada…like this one (this is the tamil ver, dubbed in tamil):

this is the original from some vague mal movie called 4 students. Its called lajjavathiye (pronounced lejjavathiye). It became famous because of Bharath (Boys fame) and his acrobatics.

This is the Kannada version called Mandakiniye (Played everyday by Red FM, Big FM and Mirchi due to lack of good Kannada songs). It stars Ganesh (who i think should just stick to comedy).

This is why the kannada film industry isnt doing well.

For the mals born and raised in Karnataka it poses a funny dilemma: Do we listen to Lajjavathiye or Mandakiniye?


~ by tia on August 9, 2007.

10 Responses to “Cinemals”

  1. Why don’t you try Hindi or English for the variety?


    The only good song I’ve ever heard in my native language is the one used in the Pepsi world cup cricket ad.

    Raao Paatraav Raao,
    Khelu Maaka Dii Mhunta Haaon…


  2. eeeeeeeeeeeeeks….i had heard tht song in kannada a million times due to my cab drivers taste in music. But the video ! man! calling it C-grade wud b a compliment to it.. :-/

  3. *Guns
    Hmm oh i love that song!u r a mangalorean?

    I kno…i am not bein partial cos i am a mal but the mal video is treated waaay better than the kannada one…even the mal song, if u listen carefully is less jing-chak (??) or rather more easy on the ears…

  4. Karwarean (LOL, if that is a word).
    I’ve had a chance to be connected to a few different states in India during my life till this point. Each place is a new experience but I would love to see people from different states be more tolerant of each other.


  5. *Guns
    I am tolerant connsidering i call myself a bengaluru hudugi more than a mal…but as a person who loves music wat i observed was that the mal ver was more melodious…ther r melodious kannada songs like amritadare and anisuthide from mungaru male but they aren nearly enuf to sustain listnership on FM channels….
    And that word i think is karvarzhi lol…

  6. Oh… I wasn’t talking about your opinion on these songs. I was referring to one blog post I read on someone’s blog where the North vs. South India issue was being thrown about.

    Anyhow, the name “Tia” doesn’t sound very Mal (nor Kannadiga either). Is it merely a pseudonym?


  7. *Guns
    I am a mal….thats(tia) what my mum calls me…
    That issue turns into a fight here in bangalore…

  8. Well I’d like to kick both sides in their backsides and ask them to learn Hindi AND a bit of the local language.

    I mean, I don’t care whether you are a North Indian or a South Indian – when you are in Maharashtra, learn basic Marathi, when you are in Karnataka, learn basic Kannada, when you are in Kerala, learn basic Malayalam. Oh and EVERYONE in India should learn to speak atleast a basic amount of Hindi because contrary to popular South-Indian belief, Hindi is NOT a North-Indian language, it is our NATIONAL LANGUAGE.

    I have always done that and I have no problems in any of the five Indian states that I can call my own nor do I have any problems interacting with people from any part of India. I have been very very good friends with and have hung out with fellows from all over India.


  9. Oh, and Tia is a very sweet name. I first heard that name in a Hindi film where Aishwarya Rai was called Tia and she is married to Arjun Rampal. I also had a very dear friend who used the pseudonym Tia.

    Happy Independence Day.


  10. *guns
    That is tru…people can learn kannada when they r gonna stay here for more than a few months..
    i guess thats the best thing bout bein multi-lingual…u can chat up anybody…

    Oh yeah i kinda remem that movie…I definitely remem Arjun rampal!hee hee…
    Happy independence day to you too šŸ™‚

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