The orient express at Hollywood

The latest buzz in Hollywood is the Wes Anderson – Owen Wilson movie: The Darjeeling Limited.

The movie is a bit unusual and stars Owen Wilson, Adrian Brodie and Jason Schwartzman as the three brothers who are in search of their parents, esp their father whose spirit they believe has reincarnated as a leopard. They travel on a train called The Darjeeling limited through the himalayas and through this journey become brothers again.

The movie has a very 70’s feel to it. And seems to look at the whole situation in a very wry manner. It is funny in parts (from what i could judge from the trailer) and with the finest talent AND the fact that it is an India based movie, is a movie to watch out for. It guest stars Natalie Portman, Angelica Houston and Irrfan Khan.

It is the opening film at the NY film festival.

The trailer on the Fox website: The Darjeeling Limited

(It also has some very nice on location pictures)

The trailer on YouTubePoster


~ by tia on August 5, 2007.

6 Responses to “The orient express at Hollywood”

  1. Cool!
    Unfortunately like all other movies, this will be released centuries later in the UK [:-(]


  2. *Guns
    Its the same case in India too…it’ll b released way after its released in the US!Dying to watch it!

  3. AhAHAHAHAH, I’ll go watch it. Then………………I’ll tease you about it, but never tell you what its about. Nani Nani na na Nani Nani Na Na. *insert the tounge out smiley here*


  4. *Blah
    Poda poda 😦

  5. The plot does sound interesting. Will definitely watch because i see a certain Natalie Portman also in the cast 🙂 sigh that we are in India though..

  6. *sreejith
    Ah yes…she is quite a favourite…
    I kno! itll take ages for the movie to release here…

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