Murdoch Monopoly

How does Rupert Murdoch buying out Dow Jones affect any of us? Why is there a brouhaha about it?

I think everybody is scared of Media Monopoly…we have all read it in books like the fourth estate, and i think The best laid plans by Sidney Sheldon ….

Nobody wants another Hearst…esp in this day and age when controlling information is equal to controlling a persons life…

As Senthil says in the tamil movie Boys: Imphermation is wealth (Information is wealth)

Any person who has control over media is a powerful man…in mass comm we learn about propaganda and the magic bullet theory…

Now imagine a guy who has maximum share in most media (or a media conglomerate) and thus has the power to influence the way people think? This is what scares people…It’s media dictatorship.

We have that with the Times Group here in India…They have the power to influence the way the people think with a combination of all the media they own – Print, broadcast, web, etc. I cant say for sure they do exert this influence becaause such a statement needs research…

What if FDI was allowed in Indian media today? there is opposition cos this would mean foreign influences in indian media..but it would bring a lot of transparency that is missing in most media…


~ by tia on August 4, 2007.

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