Alma Mater

*sigh* i wanna go back to school…i do!

What prompted this feeling? This video…

*sigh* K.K Love your voice!

Brings back so many memories… I will go back to school one of these days…i wanna see it again…god, i miss it so much…wait a minute! y DO i miss it so much? Is this my way of dealing with things? maybe it is…i guess i AM regressing! lol…

Check this song out too…if annyone finds the Mp3 for this song pls leave the link as a comment..pleeeeease?



~ by tia on July 28, 2007.

6 Responses to “Alma Mater”

  1. the things that music can make you do.
    another song that makes me time travel back to college is ‘purani jeans’ by ali haider. heard that one?
    well…there are so many of them, these nostalgia-inducing monsters.
    if it helps, i have the mp3s of both the songs you’ve mentioned in your post. don’t have the links tho.
    lemme know.

  2. *Shenoy
    I kno *sigh* curse upon them!
    U have haseena??if you do pleeeease mail it to me??can you???
    I have Mera pehla pehla pyar…
    and purani jeans..used to like it..not anymore..

  3. i can mail it to you. but there’s one small hitch. i don’t have your e-mail id.

  4. *shenoy
    nut i have yours! will mail ya!now?

  5. yep.

  6. *shenoy
    Thanx 🙂

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