Twisted Nerve

Two of my favourite directors in Hollywood are Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez….

I was watching Hostel by Tarantino and is pretty much of the Genre soft porn-Horror… Its about 3 guys going to Amsterdam and indulging in the excesses…. They then move to a beautiful town in Iceland (i think) and they discover that theres this guy going around torturing people and killing them.

But what was uncanny was the beginning of the movie…. When the titles are shown we hear whistling…. As soon as i heard it i connected it to the famous scene in Kill Bill where Elle Driver (Daryl Hanna) is walking upto The bride’s bed to kill her.

In that scene too the character is whistling…. The song is called twisted nerve from the movie twisted nerve which was of course later taken and used by Tarantino.

I am talking about this whistling:

It is quintessential mental disturbance.


~ by tia on July 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “Twisted Nerve”

  1. So wait, your watching soft-porn horror movies now???? Like what, one doesn’t do it for ya? You need the thrill of 2? HAahahahahah

    Put your mom online, Auuuuuuntttyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. *blah
    ooof!It said quentin tarantino on the cover which is y i started watching it…ooof sneak!
    And no kill bill isnt porn u dope…haven u seen it?? I am shocked al!!We need to discuss this…lol

  3. Sheesh! Looks like you have a low threshold of ‘porn’. Sigh, what would Quentin say?
    C’mon, hostel is a good, ol’ fashioned blood and gore horror movie, by the twisted for the twisted…..the t&a are just convenient plot pints that’s all. Hostel has less ‘porn’ in it than say, *insert name of remix video here*.
    anyways sleaze and porn is just how you take it……

    by the bye, it was just “Quentin Tarantino Presents…” the direction actually was by Eli Roth (so was the story), they’re both good buddies, and Quentin put his name there so more people would watch, unfamiliar as most people are about eli roth, convenient arrangement eh?

    Guess who else is good buddies with the tarantino? Robert the Rodriguez! And if there ever was a case of ‘best of both worlds’ this qualifies:


  4. *Shenoy
    Wow id dint know that! But i did notice that eli roth n tarantino hav used the whistling thingy…
    Well…we women dont watch too much that is as far as porn goes!I believe quentin wud agree wit me, wat say?
    Oh come on this was like porn porn…in music videos everything is kno wink wink this wink wink that types…and maybe few suggestive sounds…
    Read that wiki article…hmm nice…
    Thanx 🙂

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