To buy or not to buy…

Ther comes a time in a womans life when she has to make an important an important decision…one that could affect many factors of her life…one that she must make on her own…

Do i buy Garnier Ultra Doux Walnut and peach shampoo or Sunsilk Black Shine???lol….

I mean Sunsilk keeps my hair straight, but leaves it frizzy and has a common scent. Ultra Doux leaves my hair wavy but leaves it smelling really sexy…..

wat do i do???


~ by tia on July 22, 2007.

4 Responses to “To buy or not to buy…”

  1. Theres something that actually can make hair straight and wavy :O This stmt probably made it clear i was a bad candidate for advice on this.. :-p

  2. Orrr………why don’t you use the wavy one, and then buy a hair straightner like everyone else? Huh? huh? huh?

    Some girls get their hair done at salons, and the hair is straight, but for some reason when they walk, it bounces, like its alive or something. Its like a defense tactic by women to make men only stare at their hair, 😀

    But whats with this??????

    Reducing wait, hair care, jeans?????????? What’s happening to you??????? Like Kajol in KKHH, something happening? lol You sure u didn’t get viral fever or something? Everything ok? MUAHAHAHA

  3. *Di
    hee hee..Actually the common belief is that using susnsilk black makes your hair straight-er…not sure how true that is..I kinda felt it was true 🙂

  4. *Blah
    i hate using chemicals and heat on my hair!Besides it makes my hair slightly wavy….
    I don hav to go the salon for that, my hair is naturally bouncy…
    Ooof! Blah!I always used to do exercise na, i used to go for aerobics remem??
    One year and u forgot!!How rude…waaah!

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