Sweet fourteen jeans

My goal now is to fit into a pair of jeans that was loose when I was 14…. I now can wear stuff I used to when I was 16 but now I need to lose more weight….enough to fit into that pair of jeans. That’s my target. Wish me luck!! 🙂

(and give me advice!)


~ by tia on July 22, 2007.

6 Responses to “Sweet fourteen jeans”

  1. So you are dieting? That means less time eating……….AND STILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL NO TIME TO COME ONLINE???? *shakes head*

    BTW, good luck and remember don’t do them hunger diets, those only hurt you.

    *ok enough of the good guy* 😀

  2. ahem….how abt buyin a new pair of jeans?*and Di runs away before Tia kills can kill her! 😛 *
    Ok to make up for tht …the tip wud b…make sure ur always active..it’ll definitely look weird if u keep jumping around the place all the time..but well..uve to compromise on something here. 😀 All the best and DONT SKIP MEALS!!

  3. try jogging to ur college n if the pair of jeans dont fit you after a week then I will … stop giving advice..:-)

  4. *blah
    aaaw sweetheart…thanx da *hug*
    And ooof i don sped so much time eating ok…maybe if u studied properly u’d b busy too 😛

    hee hee thanx di!i promise to act weird only in class 😉
    I don’t skip meals, i eat them sitting down!yeah, sad joke….

    prats don even challenge me da…my friend promised me a treat if i lost weight and now he owes me big time! And u, i haven met u since the last time six months ago, so u wudn kno if i have lost weight 😛

  5. ohhh…then more eager than ever to meet the svelte,slim n sexy sush..[;)]..

  6. *pp
    Prats!hee hee

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