Mission Kashmir?

Today we saw a documentary called Jashn-e-azadi: How we celebrate freedom, directed by Sanjay Kak. It is a documentary on the plight of Kashmiri people.

At the beginning i felt the documentary was put together in a haphazard manner, though eventually it did shape up and give a complete picture of the situation. But i must here say that it complete seemed to show just one side of the whole issue. I understand it is about the people who are caught between the Indian Army who control them and the Jehadis or terrorists who threaten them. But a larger socio-geo-political situation is not looked at: India and/or Pak losing their face if one of them were ready to compromise.

I do agree with the film maker that the fight is fought with spirituality and promise of a better afterlife in return for being a shaheed (martyr). I wish that Mr. Kak had made few things clearer to the audience through the film, like how claustrophobic the environment in Kashmir is and how this kind of “security” seems to be making the issue of terrorism worse.

I have heard stories about both sides of the issue: The Army Personnel perspective (from a very vocal wife of an armyman) and the Kashmir peoples perspective. And somehow people seem to be confused as to whom they should believe. Yes as Sanjay Kak says we who stay outside Kashmir know very little of whats happening in that state. Yet some questions still linger. What if we decided to create an independent nation of Kashmir, would Pakistan agree to it? Even if they did what in Pakistan’s history would lead us to believe that we could trust them to do the same?

Yes everything comes with politics.If there are only 700 terrorists and as many if not double the army personnel stationed there why is that they can’t be flushed out of the state?

Yes encounter killing is becoming a cliche to explain the deaths of so many men. But on the other hand what if these men were truly part of a terrorist outfit?

I did like the documentary though i am not sure i completely agree with it. You guys check out the Jashn-e-azadi website and tell me what you guys think. If possible catch a screening of the documentary.

Courtesy: JB


~ by tia on July 16, 2007.

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