Get Gorgeous!

This has to be one of the most unique form of marketing! and advertising….

There is this gorgeous hamesha website by Parachute (marketing their hair oil: Parachute advanced). You can send a video to the girl you like/gf/fiance/wife a video which puts across the idea that the person is “gorgeous hamesha”….aaaaw!

So i sent myself one (like who else will send me one,duh!) to see how the whole thing works and i got a mail with the subject: Guess what S thinks of you?

And when you open the mail it says:

Hi Sushie,

Your friend s thinks you’re really something.
To know what exactly, click here.

Have a nice day!

Aaaaw! Now if only it had come from a guy!!lol….

Essentially wat they have done is cut the TVC into three videos and made em e-cards. Brilliant concept!

Gorgeous Hamesha e-cards/video

Being a victim of good marketing, i went onto check out their website, and i must say it was very impressive…

apart from the aesthetic design it has some great downloads like the song ‘tum to ho, gorgeous hamesha’ and the clock and the screen saver. Of course i didn’t like the clock or screensaver cos i am not  a deepika padukone fan.

The parachute advansed website


~ by tia on July 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “Get Gorgeous!”

  1. Just to check out how it is, huh? Riiiiight, 😀

    U send ur self e-cards, then brag to ur parents, look ma, look ma, an e-caaaard fooor meee, yaaay, hahahahah. 😀

  2. *blah
    ooof!poda poda

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