Woh Ajnabee

I remember telling Nylon after readin up bout Mithoon the music director for the song woh ajnabee, that the guy is a genius hee hee…and nylon promised to get me a date with him!!lol…right sweetie??lol…

but seriously the guy has done a good job with the music, and there is about 2 years difference between him and me to the date (yeah he and i are born on the same day…or rather date). He started out as a Dj in mumbai night clubs and took up what he was kinda predetermined to do considerin his dad is a music directror too. Check out the interview Nylon took of Mithoon.

P .s: The cutest thing was when nylon left me an offline msg asking me to read his blog. He put it up cos i like mithoon!! Aaaaw thank u sweetie!


~ by tia on July 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “Woh Ajnabee”

  1. *brings a tear to my eyes*

    But really, who is this guy? only Mithoon I’ve ever heard of was Mithoon Chakaraborthy.

  2. *blah
    hes a music director…check out the interview na….

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