I was watching the tamil movie boys cos there is no cable at home…and it so reminded me of my college days…hee hee the guys who would stand in front of my college a girls college and try to impress girls *giggle* with their fast bikes and fast cars and flashy clothes…hillarious!good times….

But one more thing that came to my mind was the question: wat would i do if i found out that my bf/fiance/husband had slept with a prostitute?

I really don’t know….

Clarification: I initially felt if the guy had randomly slept with a woman, id be ok with it cos u kno it wud b love n’all in our case. And then i realised: how sure am i that it wud b love? i could b jus another random woman to him. So if he actually slept with another woman whom he had feelings for i’d atleast know that he is capable of love.

The prostitute thing: Its payment for something that is supposed to be personal (i wouldnt call it sacred) and something that I feel has a lot of emotions involved. And to pay for that is cheapening the whole thing. I am not blaming the prostitute, but i’d blame my bf/hudband/fiance for it.

There is a nice dialogue vivek to describe sex with a prostitute in the movie: Oru kalyanam markirithike, varithil oru kalyanam ( to forget one marriage, a wedding once a week.)


~ by tia on July 12, 2007.

8 Responses to “Boys!”

  1. Is the issue the *prostitute* or is it the *sleeping with*? as in, would you have an issue if your significant other slept with someone else who was not a prostitute?

  2. *gaurav
    if i am not a virgin then i wudn expect him to be one. I guess i am ok if the guy has slept with another woman (if it meant nothing to him) but a prostitute…………….
    see a woman wants a man’s mind while a man wants a womans body.

  3. first temme how wud u differentiate ‘another’ woman from a pros….any woman who takes money for the act ?…there’s a thin line…best way to put this is if ur bf/fiance/husband remains faithful to fm this point onwards…his past shudnt bother u unless its a compulsive behaviour..;)

  4. *ancientmariner
    what makes the difference is the act, not the person itself. I wouldnt be comfortable because he slept with a prostitute but because he slept with someone he didnt have any feelings for or didnt care about thus making it an act of sex and not love/lovemaking. So logically even if he had a one night stand that meant nothing to him and was just an event of fun, im not sure i’d be happy about it.
    Because if he can sleep with someone without having any feelings for the person, what other things can he do the same way? If he has done it once wouldn’t he do it again?

  5. hmm.. 🙂 goin by the comments im guessin it is a little difficult for the guys to figure out y it cud be a big deal … some things are just so hard to explain!

  6. *DI
    i know! somebody understands what i am goin thru tryin to explain wat i mean..

  7. So if ur bf/husband goes and has sex with a prostitute, but runs away before giving her the money, u’d be fine with it? 😀

  8. *Blah
    Yeah as long as he was in love with her

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