Breakin it down

My neighbour and i went to the terrace today : )

We landed up talking about boys (well men, in my age) and she started tellin me all her van stories…so cute! And i started thinkin of my school van. Hee hee…I used to go in a co-ed van because ther was no school van service from wher i stayed. And ther used b this guy called Buck or something from Boys school…hee hee…He and another friend and i were the only seniors in the van. Well buck and i always fought. Kinda feel sad for the guy though..i dont remember him winning an arguement : )

Hmm lemme break it down for y’all:

I am the plain-jane, girl next door tomboy. I am pretty much Kajol in that darn movie..what is it..mmmm oh yeah kuch kuch hota hain, cept im not that pretty. I talk bout computers, bikes, music, books,photography,movies,technology….i am adventurous with a noir streak in me.

I am a guy’s best-friend kinda girl and not the girl-friend kinda girl. The only time i am remotely feminine is when i am afflicted with PMS.

I dont believe in Love, God or Optimism.

I am the biggest cynic and critic (yeah sometimes i even beat simon) and i dont spare me in criticising.

Bottomline: Its not surprising i have so many guy friends! Besides all my female friends are stuck in the land of romance and relationships and a singleton like me has no place ther.

Shee y do women do that? Once they r in a relationship, nobody else exists…its just them in the world…


~ by tia on July 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Breakin it down”

  1. Im the kind who has plenty of adorable guy frnds right now (mostly coz of the dismal male-female ration in r office)but the girls are the ones who have lasted real long. πŸ™‚ I think for me always a girl makes a better frnd than a guy…somehow..maybe its also coz u can just say anything u feel to them without as much possibility if a misunderstanding.. I adore all my frnds all the same though, and wud never exch them for anything. πŸ™‚

    and the relationship thing is true too…it’s like the whole world is eclipsed by tht one person.. πŸ˜€

  2. *di
    Really??hmm for me relationship with both sex have lasted long..that is with mature women friends..

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