Yesterday my sweet 13 year old neighbour comes up to me and says: ‘you have many boyfriends right?’

And for a moment i go like huh?? excuse me??

And she actually named my guy friends! A_________________, V_____________, C_____________, N___________, M__________, P________________, S_______________…….

And i am like wtf!!How the hell did she know?? I havent spoken to her about these people! Even my parents dont know these guys exist! ‘cept for C___________ cos i am helping out with a few things.

And thats when i realised how observant people are. Especially if you are staying in a group of apartments.

Though the second thing she said is true. I do have friends of all ages: from 6 to 60.

Why am i so disturbed about bein called a flirt and bein known to have many “boyfriends”? becos if i find somebody in future, i don’t want him to think i am not serious about him when i PROBABLY am…

When u are called a flirt and known to have too many “boyfriends” you are considered easy and not taken seriously. So while i’m lookin for love he thinks i jus want fun.


~ by tia on July 5, 2007.

4 Responses to “Wtf!”

  1. Ohhhhh Can I fill in the rest? Can I ? Can I? Can I? 😀

    I get how observing they are, but how do they know their names? 6-60 eh? pedophile to preverted eh? nah jk jk.

    Hmmm as we speak folks, men from the greater banglore area are gathering around to figure out who this is. Mass voting like American Idol is being conducted to narrow down the candidates. A lot of “Wasn’t Me, I swear Wasn’t me” is heard with girls that have a dirty look and a broom in their hands standing nearby. On the other end, we have a lot of “I hope its me I hope its me, my name starts with one of these letters, please please” as they crack conconuts in temples, light candles in churches, and pay astrologers at the same time.

    Ahhh all mayhem has broken out with this post, and usually serene banglore is now filled with guys on one or the other side of the fence. Oh the tension, Ohhhh the anticipation, Ohhhhh.


    A “you go girl- hee hee” post from a female friend in…


  2. *blah
    No you cant, NO you cant! Al!!!! ooof!
    I have no idea how they know the names..thats wat got me all baffled….
    They are my guy friends! thats it…

  3. pass on the number of that kid…BTW am i on tht illustrious list ?…i can see a ..whts it…ohh yea a P !!!!!….ooohoooooo..*blush**giggle**hit-my-head-on-the-beam**looking-starry-eyed*..khi khi

  4. *pp
    Very funny!
    oooof prats!!

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