Shoebox of memories

I jus found some old photos… *sigh* and memories came flooding back. school photos, bday photos, photos taken in kerala…*sigh*

Hmm i seem to look like i went splat on a windshield in some pics but thats because they are phone camera pics..

Here’s a preview…to see them all jus leave a comment or mail me ill add you to my flickr account….

On daddys bday in 1995..the morning..

My family

Granma and me…at our ancestral house in Kerala

Granma and me

The most beautiful woman…my mum

My mum

Check the rest out here


~ by tia on July 1, 2007.

4 Responses to “Shoebox of memories”

  1. Nice pics, although I only see 3 *confused*

    Is that ur bro in the first one, in the background?

  2. *blah
    yeah cos the rest r on my flickr and u can see em wen i add u…
    yeah thats my bro hee hee…12 yrs ago!

  3. i lovveee old pics!! they just bring in an avalanche of memories, dont they! 🙂

  4. *di
    they do! and then i wish for a time machine!!lol…

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