I admit

I admit i have many boyfriends….and i am putting up their pics.

My W810i

My W810i


My laptop

The other day the bluetooth on my phone gave my trouble…my heart stopped for a moment. I almost died. And today my laptop gave me some trouble because of some hardware/software installation trouble….second time i almost died in two days….


~ by tia on June 28, 2007.

5 Responses to “I admit”

  1. wer’s ur bf pics?? and why did ya hide ur own face from teh cam!! dats unfair!!

  2. *sam
    those are my boyfriends! Hmm cos i dont put pics of me on websites…and i dont mention personal details on the blog either…everything is fair in love and war!

  3. hehe hehe …

  4. Hahahaah, whats with the hair-do there? Going for rough and wild look? lol, hahaha. And you tell Meeeeeeeeee (Yes ladies, I know you are shocked but it comes a time and age when you need to face the truth) that I should grow my hair longer? *shakes head*

    How do you know your laptop is a boy? You could very well be posting pics of a lesbian relationship there, ahahahaha

  5. *varun
    eh ganpat told u na….

    ooof i took it in the morning da….and ive pinned my hair up wit a clip you dope…u do know i have long hair…

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